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Sex as a Spiritual Practice

Mention the word sex and eyes widen and ears perk up. The strong reaction the subject arouses reflects the spicy nature of sexual energy…

The Commandments of Tantric Sex

“Tantric Sex” is the catch cry of the modern sexual adventurer seeking to expand their horizons and take love making and sexual play into uncharted waters..

Monogamy as an Authentic Path

I have always thought that monogamy was hypocritical…that it was giving up desire for the sake of another desire….

What is Polyamory Anyway?

The word “polyamory” is based on the Greek and Latin for “many loves” (literally, poly many + amore love)…

Women Fake Orgasms Because..

Most women fake orgasms because most men fake foreplay. It’s supposed to be a joke, but it’s also kind of true…

Mind Blowing Sex.. Everytime

To achieve mind-blowing sex we first need to ensure we are engaging in mindful sex…

What is Queer Sexuality?

As we now making a concerted effort to be more inclusive in our approach to Love and Sexuality..

Healing Yoni Massage

Nothing grabs attention quite like an Orgasmic Massage, and for good reason. The healing benefits of Orgasmic Yoni Massage are profound..

Prerequisites For Sex

I spend a fair bit of time reading articles on the net related to various topics, not least of all, sexuality and conscious sex…

Great Love Within

A man I Love, my lover and beloved, took a new woman to his bed. The next morning he told me, he is across the sea and our communication is all text…

Love is a Great Mystery

Love is a great mystery. We start having a taste of what love is from our relationships, with our parents, then with our lovers and our children, with our friends…


According to the Tantra, the Ultimate Reality is Chit, or Consciousness, which is identical with Sat, or Being, and with Ananda, or Bliss…

Conscious and Un-Conscious Love

Unconscious love is centered on the OBJECT OF LOVE. Conscious love is CENTERED IN ONESELF, ..

The Beauty and True Anatomy of The Clitoris

The beauty and true anatomy of the clitoris – what it beholds is far beyond female sexual pleasure..

What is Conscious Kink?

The BDSM and kink scenes already have a thriving culture of consent and self-awareness. I’m proud to be part of a culture that has such excellent peer education…

The Womb Portal

Symbolically the womb is a micro version of the universe…The womb is is vast, expansive and a void..it holds infinite creative life force and power…

Sex And Soul

Sexual Sovereignty is so much more than sex. Sexual sovereignty is the natural capacity we all have, both men and woman..

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