STAGE 1 Release (NOW!)

STAGE 2 Release (starts 1 Jul 2024)

STAGE 3 Release (starts 1 Aug 2024)

STAGE 4 Release (starts 1 Sep 2024)

STAGE 5 Release (starts 1 Oct 2024)

**Ticket prices increase by $50 for each stage release

No admittance to the Festival after the Agreement field has been set at the Friday Opening Ceremony.

Tantra Festival

Embark on a transformative journey at the 10th Annual Taste of Love Tantra Festival – a premier gathering in Australia celebrating sacred connection. Dive deep into three enriching days filled with over 35 captivating workshops and performances, punctuated by three mesmerizing evening events, all designed to rejuvenate and elevate your spirit.

Delight in on-site markets, immersive bodywork sessions.

This festival embraces all gender identities and relational dynamics. While we aim for gender balance, consider joining with a friend of a different gender to benefit from our special discounted rates. Be mindful, places are limited!

🌟 Dive into the Enchantment of our 3-Day Tantra Festival! 🌟

With transformative workshops, ceremonies, and classes that promise to elevate your body, mind, and spirit connection.

Guided by esteemed tantra teachers and practitioners, indulge in enriching practices like yoga, meditation, breathwork, and the art of sacred sexuality.

Experience the rhythm and vibrancy with live music and dance showcases.

Seize this golden chance to mingle with fellow seekers, broaden your spiritual horizons, and truly grasp the essence of tantra.

New to tantra or a seasoned practitioner? All are welcome to be part of this enlightening event.

Featuring captivating speakers and artists focused on awakening, love, and consciousness, we're gearing up for the grand 10th Annual edition, at our exciting new venue in Gympie Qld.

🌸 Dive into:

  • Tantra Workshops
  • Polarity Sessions
  • Embodiment Classes
  • Wellness Workshops
  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Meet & Date Workshops
  • Enchanting Tantra Temple Nights
  • Personal Growth Workshops

This is topped off with the soul-nourishing TOL Rewilding Tantra Retreat.

Join us! 🌌🧘‍♂️🔮

Event Details

Start date: October 10, 2024

End date: October 14, 2024

Start time: 14:00 AEST

End time: 10:00 AEST

Venue: Gympie

Join us for 10 Days … on a journey like no other.

Explore for 3 Days of the Festival, then Dive deep into the Rewilding Heart and Soul Retreat.

We invite you to join our Taste of Love 7 Day Live-In Tantra Retreat, which follows on directly from the festival.