Discover profound love and deeper connection

at our Taste of Love Tantra Festival, Tantra Workshops and Retreats.

tantra festival and retreat

Tantra Festival & Retreat

Buy tickets early to avoid disappointment, this event is likely to sell out as in previous years.

With inspiring presenters and artists on the topics of awakening, love and consciousness and is scheduled for its 10th debut.

Followed by our Rewilding Tantra Retreat, facilitated by Marion Ellyard

Tickets available NOW!

tantra festival and retreat

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Tantra Festival 2022

Want to learn to connect with yourself and others in a sacred, and intimate way?

Want to learn new skills, meet a new commUNITY?

We offer a range of events to suit the beginner discovering Tantra, through to professional trainings, and retreats.


“The Taste of Love Camp Out gives a much needed balance to my life force, I can step out of my beautiful but isolated world into a ready-made realm of peers, expert teachers and new friends. The camp out provides above all a loving network for people who passionately care about this frequently misunderstood profession of ours”


“Taste of Love Camp Outs are a delight in that as well as having a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of so many different modalities and gifted presenters you are surrounded by such friendly and open people. The one aspect I enjoyed more than anything else was the warmth of it seemed everyone who attends such gatherings. I can’t wait to rub shoulders once again with so many beautiful people, I might even get my shoulders rubbed!”

Karl Cooper

“The Taste of Love Camp Out is a powerful medium to wake people up to what is possible in the realms of Sexual Power and Potential. It brings together visionaries from various fields and disciplines who all share a common love of this human existence and the potentials inherent in the human body. It is an opportunity to break free from the bonds of sexual conditioning and connect with like minded souls.”

Alex Grant

“The last Camp Out took me to a place of openness after Marion’s presentation on bondage. Your kundalini is on fire at these festivals because the base chakras open and you dance in sublimeness. I would recommend them to anyone on the path of a deeper love.”

Paru Clark

“The powerful reverberations from the Taste of Love Camp Out continue to be felt in my life. Thank you for everything it took to create the powerful and playful festival space. You are truly serving so many at the highest level.”


“The way Marion holds a safe and loving container amplifies the powerful practices and allows rawness and profound transformations I could have never imagined.”


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