Volunteers Information

At the Taste of Love Camp Out we have 20 spaces available for volunteer positions. Your ticket is $350 including 4 nights camping and you will be refunded $100 within two weeks after the camp out. (your cost $250)

Working hours are 12 hrs spread over 5 days, arrival is Thursday 18th by 10am, departure Monday 22nd 2pm. Your hours include 3 team meetings.

We are looking for passionate and committed people who are able to support this work with love, joy and playfulness, and who are happy to be part of our creative team.



All volunteers are required to fill out an application form, submit it as soon as possible with a photo of yourself (headshot) and purchase a volunteers ticket from the ticketing page.


Volunteers ticket charge will be refunded to you in after the camp out to your nominated bank account if you were able to attend all your shifts and show care and responsibility in your role. You need to feel in agreement with the values and code of ethics of the Taste of Love Camp Out as well as model inclusivity for cultural and gender identities. Volunteering is an amazing experience of teamwork, adrenalin, service and creating and holding a sacred space. we value each and every one of our volunteers for this reason.

All applications welcome there is many different roles and your volunteer coordinator will contact you to discuss your role and shifts with you.

Be a part of the Journey!

Some examples of roles we need:

  • Box Office / Registration
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing / Promotion
  • Social Media Support
  • Instagram Manager
  • Facebook Manager
  • Putting up Posters
  • Audio Techs
  • Set up and Pack up
  • Space Decoration
  • Food Serving
  • Room Concierge
  • Host / Hostessing Presenters


An event like this needs volunteers! They are the space holders and make the participants feel comfortable and at ease and make sure the space remains safe and beautiful at all times. We are building a team of dedicated volunteers who enjoy this work and who are able to exchange some time for a heavily discounted full weekend pass. Volunteer tickets are not refundable, but can be passed on to another volunteer.
We are looking forward to co-create another amazing event with you! We will host one social evenings for volunteers to get to know each other and build our team cohesion prior the event and one induction training at the venue before the event. Full details will be announced later.
In gratitude, the Taste of Love Team.

What you offer

  • 20 hours work spread over 5 days, shifts will be allocated based on your availability and camp out requirements, shifts are 3-6 hours in length at maximum. We distribute shifts evenly most shifts allow you to participate in the workshops while you work
  • Participation in all team building sessions part of your hours
  • Participation in the onsite introduction training May 12th 10am
  • Punctual arrival at all shifts and great work ethics
  • Participation in all morning pod sharings
  • To pay for a volunteers ticket ($350) in full before we can guarantee your spot as a volunteer, of which $100 is refunded to you within 14 days after the event if you have been at all your shifts
  • To supply a photo of yourself for our staff page and for your personalised referral code card
  • Fun, enthusiasm and loving service to the camp out, its staff and all the presenters and participants
  • Availability on my mobile phone during the event and email prior
  • Reasonable flexibility in case of emergency
  • Help with spreading flyers, posters and promotional materials

What you get

  • A great team to work with
  • To be part of shaping a magical, powerful event shifting the planet
  • A full camp out ticket for 5 days and 6 nights camping for $250 including free camping
  • To participate in all the events at the Taste of Love Camp Out and workshops outside of your shifts for free (door ushers can also participate in workshops during their shifts held in the rooms they are working in)
  • Get to know our presenters
  • Help in deep session and process work
  • An incredible experience of growth, friendship, ecstasy and freedom

Byron bay event

The camp out will be held in an exclusive venue in nature with accomodation over Friday, Saturday and Sunday and feature 3 streams and 3 evening events. We are planning to have 27 workshops spaces of 2 – 2.5 hrs length presented by local, national and international leading speakers in this field. The workshop or presentation spaces can either cater for 40, 80 or 250 people.yle every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

The vision

The vision for the upcoming camp out is to bring in a large community of different types of people that are interested to receive quality education and information about sex, spirituality and relationships. Key words we will use in the advertising will be around vitality, rediscovering our connection with the divine, healing relationships, communication skills, redefining orgasm, and rediscovering our free natural sexual spiritual loving self.

The mission

The mission is to bring more love, better understanding and empowerment to the individual. Communities get strengthened if the individual is free, responsible and happy, only then healthy relationships van be formed and from there happy families that can last.  Through quality education and heart touching experiences, expanding our undersatnding of each other and each other’s needs as human beings, uncovering a whole new world of verbal and non verbal communications skills we believe much more long lasting joy and ecstasy can flow in our lives. 

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