Upcoming Events & Workshops

Temple 1 Day Workshop

July 2nd

Facilitated by Marion Ellyard

1 Day of tantric and therapeutic processes to bring back and expand connection and trust, inviting pleasure, trust and joy into life. We warmly invite you to join us

Temple Night

July 2nd

Facilitated by Marion Ellyard

The Temple night is very playful, full of laughter, yumminess, delicious foods, ceremony, exercises, free play spaces and dance music.

Temple Day + Night

July 2nd

Facilitated by Marion Ellyard

an exploration of Intimacy, through the portals of Sexuality, Relating & Consciousness.

Tantra Festival

Sep 29-Oct 3

Australia’s Best Facilitators

Come and experience Australia’s biggest Tantra Festival. Connect with friends new and old. Explore – Learn – Be Inspired!

Rewilding Heart, Sex & Soul Retreat:

Oct 31-Nov 6

Facilitated by Marion Ellyard

A 7 day Journey like no other! Dive deep, breakthrough, and transform in a wonderfully supported and beautiful venue.

Shamanic Womb Journey

Janine Ma-Ree

Level 2

Nov 28-Dec 4

PRE-REQUISITE: Level 1 Training

Advanced Training & Practices

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