Tantra Festival market stall information

Dive into an opportunity to showcase your brand to an energetic and conscious audience with our l Market Stall Tickets at the 10th Annual Taste of Love Tantra Festival. From October 31 to Nov 4, immerse your business within an environment steeped in connection, affection, and self-evolution.

Now in its glorious 10th year, the Taste of Love Tantra Festival attracts a myriad of individuals, all on a quest to unravel Tantra’s profound lessons and transformative prowess. As a stallholder, you’ll connect with an audience hungry for offerings that complement their conscious and transformative journey.


Your Market Stall Ticket guarantees a place within our festival’s marketplace. This space is your canvas to showcase a diverse range of offerings – be it handcrafted goods, organic delicacies, distinctive apparel, or any product or service that embodies the festival’s ethos of enlightenment and love.

But the festival is more than just a marketplace. It’s a nexus of connection. Engage with your ideal clientele, gather insights, expand your brand visibility, and entrench yourself within the festival’s spirited community.

It’s not merely a business venture; it’s an invitation to a world of connection, growth, and transformative exploration.

Tantra Festival Market Stall Application

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Please describe your products here, if you are giving a service, session, massage you need to fill out the healers form NOT the market stall form. The camp out does not charge a % on your sales.

Market Stall

You need to bring your own marquee, signage, rain/sun protection to set up in the market area
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