About Taste of Love

The profound wisdom of Tantra is what has inspired us to create this place, where we can all come together, to learn, to witness, to connect in a wonderfully held space.  Tantra is a path to unity, and erotic aliveness. 

We create an Annual Tantra Camp Out each year, bringing together our commUNITY, and a selection of events throughout the year from 1 day to 7 day intensive retreats.

We are passionate about this work, let us inspire you.

Marion Ellyard and her team are creating an amazing event for you to immerse yourself for a weekend in Tantra. Come and learn from over 20 different presenters, from around the world, offering sessions exploring various aspects of love, relating, consciousness, sacredness, connection, sensuality, sexuality, yoga, meditation…open to anyone, beginners to advanced practitioners.

It is important to us that these events offers a safe and playful way for you to approach this material and truly come to embody this work in a truly authentic way.

‘Why I see an immense value in this work is because our life force energy, also often referred to as ki, chi, serpent energy, can lay dormant at the base of our spine or be only be partially activated. Once activated we can experience an immense flow of energy, enthusiasm, vision and joy for life and others. This is why we work with sexual energy throughout the camp out as it often helps to activate this dormant energy, also referred to as kundalini energy. Removing shame, fear or misconceived ideas around this topic in a world where unfortunately most teenagers still get most of their sexual education online and from pornographic material. We are facing a 50% divorce rate worldwide and broken families. This work is all about strengthening and deepening relationships to self and others in body, mind and spirit.”

TOL TANTRA Festival Nov 2-6 2023 & Rewilding, Heart Sex & Soul Retreat  Nov 6-12 2023

This year we are delighted to welcome more Australian Presenters  to our Festival
We have a powerful, and large Tantra CommUNITY in Australia. 

Experience 3 Days of our Tantra Festival. featuring Workshops, Camping,
Market Stalls, Food Stalls, Music, Healing and friends, new and old.
Followd by Taste of Love 7 Days Live in Tantra Training
“Rewilding Heart Sex and Soul”

With love, passion and freedom!

Marion Ellyard

  Marion Ellyard

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