Waiver and Refunds

Refund policy

Paid deposits, workshop fees and Festival tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE or TRANSFERABLE to another date or event. In case of an unforeseeable emergency such as an illness or accident (medical certificate required) or natural disaster you can receive a credit valid for 12 months.

You can however at any time ON-SELL or GIFT your ticket to another person, you will need to notify us of their name, email, and phone number.


If the organiser changes or has to cancel the date of a workshop due to their own fault all fees already paid to us are refundable, exempt of travelling costs incurred.


In case of an event being cancelled due to natural disasters or events out of our control, the tickets purchased are non refundable. However the organiser will aim to do everything to set a new date for the same event to which your ticket purchase will be transferred to as a FULL CREDIT to be used within 1 year.


** We really ask for you understanding about our refund policy because it is really difficult to create these community events without certainty of sales,  or people changing their mind, or cancelling after having made a purchase.

We have the same policy as most other festivals, and events … you are welcome to on-sell your ticket to someone else  and advertise it on our facebook festival events page.

We really ask you to understand that even though you may think that you are 1 single case asking for a refund, this is not the case with hundreds of people participating, and requesting refunds and changes to their tickets, so we dearly ask for your understanding. And in cases of medical emergencies, or natural disasters, we are happy to credit or refund the ticket.

Privacy policy

We collect information from you when you register on our site, place an order, subscribe to our updates, respond to a survey or fill out a form.
All your information provided for us remains confidential.
We may use this information to send you periodic updates about your booking and/or upcoming events
You can unsubscribe from our updates anytime at the bottom of each email.


The Taste of Love Festival & Retreats employs photographers and videographers onsite to take promotional footage of the event to help promote events like these. Taking private videos or photos is not allowed to protect the privacy of all other participants. By participating in the Taste of Love Festival you agree that the Taste of Love Festival reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video and release the Taste of Love Festival from any and all claims involving the use of your picture or likeness. However if you see a photo of yourself published and you do not wish for this photo to be used please email us and we will exchange this image if possible. The photograph/video maybe used in publications or other media material produced, used or contracted by the Taste of Love Festival including but not limited to: brochures, invitations, books, newspapers, magazines, television, websites, etc.

To ensure the privacy of individuals, images will not be identified using names or personal identifying information of the photographed subject, except of presenters and staff of the Taste of Love Festival.

If you do not wish to have your photo taken for distribution you are able to receive an additional wristband at registration that will allow the photographers to easily identify you and not have you in any images.

Policy of Safety & Consent

To ensure that everyone who comes to our Festival understands the purpose of conscious relating through touch, sensuality and sexuality and understands consent, verbal and non verbal, all NEW PARTICIPANTS must attend the ‘Welcome for Newcomers or Q&A session’ and must attend the ‘Boundaries & Consent Session’ at the beginning of the Festival.


We require in addition that all participants sign a copy of our Agreement and Waiver Form upon arrival at the Festival. This agreement includes a commitment on everyone’s part to protect the privacy of everyone involved and act responsibly and in consent, speak your and receive others clear yes and no, be responsible for your own experiences and boundaries, and if you are exploring on the edge and realise you no longer find the experience comfortable or useful for you to agree to speak out and stop an engagement or exercise you are in.


Everything at the festival is an offer and an invitation but at no time do you need to do anything or participate in anything you do not want to. You can sit out any exercise that you do not wish to participate in. You can read the Festival waiver form below.


We believe that sensual, sexual and emotional human exploration and education has a value for the individual’s search for wholeness, healing and deeper understanding of the self. Unlike what some may think, a sex positive space is not one long orgy, quite the opposite actually as the sensuality or sexual component is not the main component of the festival. The workshops are aimed to provide freedom from obstacles, shame and guilt we may carry, heal past wounding and discover how powerful we truly are when we embrace all parts of us. There are many other workshops on offer that address many other parts of human consciousness and embodiment that you can attend the entire festival without touching anyone or taking any clothing off. We ask of each individual to act from a place of autonomy and self-determination to make the right choices for themselves. While all care is taken to make the space as safe as possible, we cannot guarantee that you will not experience any emotional discomfort during the Festival.  Often this discomfort is part of learning something new when we look deeper. We have FREE onsite counsellors available 24/7 and therapists that offer session work if any support or help is required. Please make use of these offerings and be open for uncomfortable situations to clear themselves and even become pat of your own healing journey, next growth step and full empowerment. We hope you can feel our care and concern to make this festival a respectful, caring adult self responsible container for growth, play and celebration. So we ask you to do the same for yourself and each other – in case of doubt check in with yourself and the other/s. We hope you will have a great experience!


Agreement & Waiver Form:

  • Activity Waiver Form:

    • By agreeing to this activity waiver form you are being allowed to participate in activities offered by the Taste of Love Tantra school.
    • I confirm that I am participating in any event hosted by the Taste of Love Tantra School at my own risk.
    • I agree that I will only participate in any activity to the degree I feel capable of taking care of myself, all activities are voluntary at all events hosted by the Taste of Love Tantra School.
    • I understand that the content in the sessions and workshops can bring up triggers and emotions as I grow and learn more about myself. I agree that what happens to me I will also not hold the facilitators in any way responsible.
    • I understand there are assistants, first aid staff and counsellors I can contact 24/7 should I see or experience anything unsettling.
    • I understand that there is no supervision outside of the sessions provided I am responsible for myself during those times.
    • I agree if I wish to leave any event hosted by the Taste of Love Tantra School prior to the official ending that I will notify an onsite staff and infirm them of the reason of my departure.
    • I confirm that I am of stable physical and mental health, do not have any physical or mental limitations that would prevent me from participating the activities I choose to and that I will not hold any of the organisers, assistants, counsellors or presenters liable for any damages.
    • I agree that the attendance of the events is for 18+ individuals and that children are not allowed in the space.
    • I agree that this is an illegal drug and alcohol-free event, and that I will abstain from using these substances. I also agree that if I notice somebody else intoxicated that I will inform the staff of this. Usage of drugs and alcohol will result in having to leave the event should as any form of intoxication compromises the safety of myself and others in decision making around consent and boundaries.
    • I understand that the events are clothing optional, choosing to attend does not mean that I need to be without clothing myself at any time, all offerings can be done fully clothed, but other people may want to do so.
    • I will actively participate in creating a safe space for everyone by accepting their boundaries, wishes, engage from a place of consent and stop an engagement should I feel uncomfortable or feel the other person may be uncomfortable.
    • I will respect the privacy of all attendees by maintaining confidentiality. This includes not sharing identifiable information about other participants and not taking photos or videos during the festival.
    • We do appreciate the use of our own photographers onsite in order to promote the events in the future, should you not wish to be in any photos (no nudity will be posted or published anywhere) I understand I can request a wristband for identification. Taste of love Tantra School will immediately remove any images of yourself online if you notify us of such.
    • I agree that I have had enough time to read this activity waiver carefully and that I understand the risks in participating in any event run by the Taste of Love Tantra School, and have been encouraged to seek legal advise should I wish so and that I am forever prevented from suing or claiming against the activity provider for any property loss, personal physical or mental injury sustained while participating in any of the sessions.
    • I understand that by purchasing a ticket to participate in any event run by the Taste of Love Tantra School I agree to the activity waiver and may be asked to sign it upon arrival at the event.
    • This waiver is constructed in accordance with the laws of the State of NSW.


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