Code of Ethics

Guidelines for Behaviour for the Taste of Love Festival and all other events organised by the Taste of Love Tantra School


Our aim is to create a safe and exciting space for participants to explore and learn in the realms of consciousness, love and sexuality.


There may be opportunities to connect and explore with others. Please take responsibility for your own actions and only engage in any connection where mutual consent is explicitly communicated.


We have onsite counselling, facilitators and volunteers available should any issues arise or emotions stirred up by some of the deep work on offer in the workshops. Please reach out for help if you need to.


All our events are drug and alcohol free, that also means you will not be permitted access if you arrive intoxicated or consume any intoxicating substances during the event.


No cameras/video devices or photos permitted during session times. We will have our own photographer and videographer and you will be asked if your photo can be taken or published online.


You agree to take responsibility and to act with integrity and accountability with regards to your existing relationships and any connections you may engage in at the events. Be clear with yourself and others, and communicate your personal boundaries in a way that is clearly understood.


You can ask to sit out if you wish not to participate in any exercise suggested in any of the sessions. Please communicate that to the facilitator.


Presenters, organisers, staff and volunteers are expected to represent the high integrity of the Festival and all other events throughout the duration of the event, and to act supportively, professionally and with sensitivity to all participants, particularly in relation to the opening and deeply moving work available at the Festival, and the vulnerability this may create in the individual.


Any interactions with people prior, during or after the event are at your own risk and we ask that you respect each other’s personal boundaries. If unsure less is more and stopping is always recommended if discomfort is felt. Communicate with clarity, act safely and with kindness and consideration to those who may have less experience in the field of personal development and sexuality.


People of all gender identities and expressions are welcome to all sessions. Some exercises may be talking about anatomical gender differences. If a workshop requires for your participation to identify as either male or female or have the anatomy related to such gender this will be noted on the workshop description.


The aim of the Taste of Love Festival and other events is that of education, community and celebration. Please join us in creating a relaxed and supportive atmosphere for everyone at these wonderful events.