Nothing grabs attention quite like an Orgasmic Massage, and for good reason. The healing benefits of Orgasmic Yoni Massage are profound, for both the giver and the receiver, and is an art that is worth cultivating by all. Read more about this in the following excerpt of an article by Alex Myles.


Women are empowered when they embrace, own and worship their sexuality.

The connection to our sexual selves is what turns us from females into radiant Goddesses and it is also what awakens our bodies to an array of powerful and healing sensations.

Yoni means “sacred place” in Sanskrit; it is another word for the female vagina.

A Yoni massage is an internal massage of the vagina that is part of the sensual Tantric massage. It is a full mind, body and spirit experience; it is empowering, healing and awakening and it is a celebration of all that we are as females.

The massage is a far more mental and spiritual experience than it is physical, therefore it is experienced differently depending on the emotional and mental connection to it at the time. It is a pleasurable gift that needs to be given very slowly as it is a deep expression of love.


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