The BDSM and kink scenes already have a thriving culture of consent and self-awareness. I’m proud to be part of a culture that has such excellent peer education where elders guide newbies into healthy and hot practices. If this is already happening, then why take on the title “Conscious Kink”? I mean people are already pretty consciously engaging with their kinks right?

Experiencing more fully…

One can bop around the kitchen listening to music and really enjoy it. It is healthy and fun. You can learn different dance moves to make it more fun… Or one can also choose to consciously enter into each note and become the music… To develop a relationship with the music and let it possess and move you on all levels…  Utalising techniques from tantra, mindfulness and other subtle arts to enter more deeply into each exquisite moment… breath, presence, heart awareness, energy, intent make the world of difference to this experience.

One form of engaging with music is not inherently better or more moral than than the other.  They are just different experiences.  However it does have to be acknowledged that by consciously engaging with music we do have a deeper  more fully engaging experience.  So too with kink and BDSM.   Conscious Kink is a specialist focus that has the intention to explore those deeper places.

Engaging Holistically…

Conscious kink in this context means acknowledging the potential kink has to be a gateway to incredible intimacy, self-development, discovery of the Mysteries of existence, ecstatic (and other) states of consciousness and profound love. It is about intentionally fostering the skills, relationships and scenes to take kink to the next level.  To get to some kinds of states of consciousness it takes developing certain skills within us.   It’s about including all of us in our exploration and play… body, mind, heart and soul.

Doesn’t this make kink too “nice” and kill the sexy?

Being conscious about kink certainly doesn’t mean “light  and fluffy” or “politically correct” BDSM only.  Delving into the feeling of danger and mystery can often be what ignites our erotic play… taking risks… peeking into the dark crevices of our souls…  exploring power or intensity can be what gives a session its bite and heat… carving a delicious memory into our flesh that lasts a life time.

By Artemisia de Vine