“Love is a great mystery. We start having a taste of what love is from our relationships, with our parents, then with our lovers and our children, with our friends.

And one day, our love will become uncontainable and we will merge with all Existence. Be grateful to all the people that have loved you and that you have loved, because without them you could not have had your first taste of love, and your spiritual journey would not have started.

A man who doesn’t know what love is cannot meditate. He will not feel anything inside himself. Once you have a taste of love you are sensitive to your inner world, and your spiritual journey begins. But now, new difficulties arise. Human beings are by their nature a mixture of darkness and light, of consciousness and unconsciousness, of love and fear. Only after enlightenment this chaos is transformed into pure Superconsciousness, pure light, pure unconditional love. So when you relate to a human being he will mirror sometimes your light and sometimes your darkness, sometimes your divine love and sometimes your animal heritage. You cannot avoid it, because you are also unconscious, and your unconsciousness will merge into each other and you will be confused. That’s why lovers are so happy in the beginning, but the result is horrible…

In the beginning you have a taste of real joy with your lover, he is a mirror of your divineness. But soon the unconsciousness come up and the mirror is not pure anymore, and you are confused. It is not your fault, and certainly it is not your lover’s fault. The reason is that you both don’t know who you are. We can share only what we ourselves have, and our inner Light is not yet bright and stable.

This is the moment in which the Master is needed. The Master is pure light, he has expanded his consciousness to the all Existence, his animal heritage is dissolved in pure awareness. Now his love is unconditional, beyond attachments and desires. He is just sharing his Being. He is a perfect mirror of your divine nature. With him you are never confused, you see only your light.

But even this is not the final stage of love . The Master is only a medium, he is empty, dissolved, only Existence is left in the appearance of a human body. Slowly slowly, the Master is teaching you to love all Existence.

Soon you don’t need an object for your love, you are always in a loving state, unaddressed and unaffected by the changes of life. When you are in a state of love without objects you are in meditation, you are in Samadhi. This is the state of conscious love, a meditative state that will grow into Enlightenment.”