Sexual Sovereignty is so much more than sex. Sexual sovereignty is the natural capacity we all have, both men and woman, to come alive to our divinity in our flesh. It is reclaiming our vibrant sexual nature from past pain, stories, guilt and shame and establishing a direct and intimate relationship with our soul through our own precious flesh and bones.

It is our birthright to live as ecstatically embodied energy beings. To be alive to the pulse of miraculous life in this very human body. Too much of our modern spirituality offers a path that has us leave our bodies and humanity to find bliss and freedom beyond. We are passionate about finding our divinity right here, in our broken, wild flesh and hearts. To come alive to our beauty, not as some perfect radiant being, but as a luminous, vulnerable human.


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Arion Light will be presenting a session on Sex and Soul Initiations with Leyolah Antara at the Taste of Love Festival in Byron Bay 2016, click here for details.