I know for me that having a book list on hand to refer to and also keep me on track holds the key many peaceful nights and also having a wealth of information at my fingertips. Not only do books allow us to escape but they also hold a place for us to express curiosity, satiate our ravenous minds and provide a starting place for sharing. One of my favourite questions is “what have you been reading lately?” As I feel that this opens up the door for exploration and deep conversation with another. Below are 5 of my favourite reads. These choices were picked due to their infusion of the sensual, and also because they hold power in their capacity to open bend your current paradigms. 

Women Who Run With The Wolves– Clarissa Pinkola Estes

    This is one of those books that the word divine is the only word that can be used to describe it. Richly layered, this read is an ode to the subconscious female mind and the myths and stories that naturally accompany it.  Clarissa takes you deep into the way these ancient stories hold the answers to some of our modern day plights and the way forth through growth along with our commitment to examining ourselves intimately. 

The Radiance Sutras– Lorin Roche

    Roche brings his specific flavour and voice to the 112 Sanskrit yogic teachings along with inviting us to sit in these verses in meditation and reverence. One of my personal favourites is #75, if you are an admirer of words this is for you.

Sacred Sexual Healing– Baba Dez Nichols and Kamala Devi

    This is a personal favourite of Marion and Ron’s as it contains a really comprehensive introduction to tantra, breathwork and the rituals that bring life to these profound modalities. You will mark this book up with underlinings, sticky notes and highlighter smudges as it gives you a taste of the different genres of tantra and how this practice holds the capacity to be so much more. 

Vagina– Naomi Wolfe

    Vagina? Vulva? This book goes into the science, history, spiritual practices, and current landscape of what it means to be a vagina owner. Wolfe is witty, a delightful storyteller and incorporates her voice every step of the way which makes the novel personal and relatable. From seeking guidance from a professional tantric guru to female ejaculation this read emphasis the mind-vagina connection in such a way you’ll never think about it the same way again. 

The Tantra Experience– Osho 

    When tantra and spirituality are concerned there has to be some Osho present. Hailed as one of the most controversial leaders with a mixture of brilliance and also deeply questionable morals this book emphasizes the evolution of human nature through love. 

“Don’t look at what is there in your head, what is there in your mind; just look at your consciousness. Emotion is there, anger is there, love is there, greed is there, fear is there, jealousy is there- these are contents. Just behind them is the infinite sky of consciousness.” -Osho

Lauren xx