Rewilding Tantra Retreat

Join us on a transformative 7-day tantra retreat designed to awaken the wildness in your heart, reignite the passion in your sex life, and nourish your soul.

Immerse yourself in practices that will help you connect deeper to yourself, others, and the world around you. Be prepared to explore new dimensions of pleasure and liberation, as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

The Rewilding Tantra Retreat is a unique opportunity to deepen your connection to your innermost desires and embrace the fullness of who you are!

Tantra Rewilding Retreat

Also called Rewiliding Heart, Sex and Soul is a 7 day journey unlike no other.

Developed over 20 years of extensive experience of meditation, embodiment work, therapy, and shamanic initiation Marion the facilitator of this retreat is a certified counsellor, yoga and meditation teacher with experience in the fields of shamanic psychosomatic bodywork - is sharing what she feels is some of the most foundational pieces needed to be understood to live a full and fully embodied human  life.

The Rewilding retreat is a journey into the intelligence of your heart, the energy that sits between soul and body as spirit incarnates into the physical. It needs to learn how to move with the body, with the survival instincts, and the heart mediates between body and soul.

The Retreat is a Tantra training, and the original meaning of Tantra is the realisation of the interconnectedness of all things. The understanding of Tantra is the awakening to how things truly are, this in itself may bring about a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

This Retreat uses sexual tantra practises, as it does not leave any part of you out. We work with embodiment practices and somatic techniques to assist the body to release the past, old traumas and to reset to vitality and energy. We also use processes that helps the soul understand the humans dimension and energy of being incarnated in the body.

We also work with the emotions and the vulnerability that comes when we allow ourselves to fully move into trust and open our hearts. Here qualities such as empathy and compassion, intuition and connection can be found.

This Tantra Retreat is for Couples and Singles.

Couples are encouraged to work together, and this journey will deepen your connection, communication skills, levels of intimacy, and teach them some sexual techniques and different perspectives which can increase the pleasure.

For singles, this retreat is also foundational - going through the layers of shame, attachment trauma, and understanding of communication skills, belief systems and how they are formed. We provide a huge array of experiences that catalyze enormous transformation.

We work with some ancient rituals, embodiment practices and somatic therapies that communicate directly into the language of the soul, which help you understand language of your body.

For those of you from ISTA trainings, The Tantra Rewilding Retreat is a training in its own right, it serves greatly as a pre-requisite for anyone planning to attend ISTA, or as a post training retreat….the pieces you will receive from this Retreat deeply reconnects you with yourself and your intuition. You will learn to navigate intimate connections, and rest in your own being.

Please join us to experience this journey from which you will return new and fresh with tools that will truly change your life.

There is no pre-requisite needed for this Tantra Retreat, for more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Marion Ellyard directly or send us an email.

We can’t wait to see you here … please read our testimonials from previous Tantra Rewilding Retreats.

Event Details

Start date: October 14, 2024

End date: October 20, 2024

Start time: 16:00 AEST

End time: 13:00 AEST

Venue: Burringbar NSW

* Please note this ticket is Non-Refundable & Non Transferrable

This is an Adult event, please be self responsible and note that everything on offer is optional – take home what works for you what you feel you can relate to that benefits your life and the life of others, leave the rest.
The programs are designed to create expansion into ourselves and a degree of awakening through increased wholistic self awareness using a combination of traditional psychology and common therapy approaches, embodiment through body dearmouring such as movement, sound and breath, spirituality.
Through applying different views to our reality and changing patterns through changing beliefs, sexuality through using the power of our lifeforce/chi that runs through us by increasing it and learning to direct it into different areas, experiencing the wisdom of pleasure itself, emotional release and understanding of human behaviour through melting away numbness into deeper feeling and deep listening to what our emotions want to teach us.
We offer support during and after our events if needed but events are designed in a way to help participants to self and co regulate and gain greater power and freedom and authenticity in their life.
In the workshops we use a combination of the 5 very important areas of life – sexuality, embodiment, emotions, spirituality and therapy. Its a non-traditional approach that works more in the realm of alchemy and shamanism rather than just through the intellect, creating bridges between cutting edge science somatic therapies, psychology into the bigger picture of our human existence, ancient mysteries and shamanism.