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Accommodation: BYO Camping, Camping (Tent and Bedding provided), Dormitory, Private Room, Mobile Home / Van

Festival & Rewilding Retreat Discounted Package (Couple)

Experience deeper connection and mutual self-exploration with our Couples Combo Event Ticket to the 9th Annual Taste of Love Tantra Festival and Rewilding Retreat from September 28 to October 8. Begin your shared journey by uncovering the mysteries of Tantra through workshops and performances at the festival, fostering conscious love and deepening your relationship. 

Continue your shared adventure at our Rewilding Retreat, where you step off the grid to immerse yourselves in nature, shedding societal norms and engaging in this work.

Our Couples Combo Ticket not only secures your participation at both these enriching events but also offers a $100 discount, inviting you further towards mutual discovery, love, and connection with nature. Seize this chance for shared transformation, deepening your love, and realising the infinite potential of your union.

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Deepen your bond and ignite your shared journey of self-exploration with our Couples Combo Event Ticket for the 9th Annual Taste of Love Tantra Festival and Rewilding Retreat. From September 28 to October 8, embark on a unique, transformative experience designed to celebrate intimacy, connection, and mutual growth.

Kickstart your journey with our Taste of Love Tantra Festival, renowned for its enriching experiences. Uncover the mysteries and beauty of Tantra together, through a vibrant array of workshops, performances, and shared moments that advocate conscious love and living. Here, not only will you connect with like-minded souls but also find new depths in your relationship, cultivating understanding, respect, and unspoken bonds.

Following the Tantra Festival, join us in our Rewilding Retreat to immerse yourselves in the heart of nature. Step off the grid and rekindle your innate wild spirit together. Our retreat encourages you to shed societal norms, embrace the purity of nature, and engage in intuitive living. Experience the joy of this collaborative retreat, as part of this immersive experience designed to strengthen your unity.

When you purchase our Couples Combo Event Ticket, you're not just securing a place at these two life-enhancing events; you're also availing a $100 discount off the total price. It's more than a financial saving; it's an invitation to further your journey towards mutual discovery, love, and connection with nature.

Grab the opportunity to experience a realm of shared exploration and transformation with our Couples Combo Event Ticket. Uncover the power of your love, the tranquility of nature, and the infinite potential of your union.

Additional information

Festival Accommodation

Camping – with vehicle pass, Motor Home / Van, Private Room (Couple) with Vehicle Pass

Retreat Food & Accomodation

Camping, Couple, Private Room (Couple), BYO Camping

Event Details

Start date: September 29, 2022

End date: October 03, 2022

Start time: 15:00 AEST

End time: 11:00 AEST

Venue: Tyalgum Ridge Retreat