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2023 Rewilding Heart, Body & Soul Tantra Retreat

Join us on a transformative 7-day tantra retreat designed to awaken the wildness in your heart, reignite the passion in your sex life, and nourish your soul.

Immerse yourself in practices that will help you connect deeper to yourself, others, and the world around you. Be prepared to explore new dimensions of pleasure and liberation, as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

The ‘Rewilding Heart, Sex and Soul’ retreat is a unique opportunity to deepen your connection to your innermost desires and embrace the fullness of who you are!

2023 Rewilding Heart, Sex & Soul Retreat | Oct 2-8

The Rewilding Heart, Sex & Soul training is a 7-day process facilitated by Marion Ellyard who has 26 years of experience in personal development and is a qualified counsellor.

The training aims to help individuals reconnect with their authentic selves by stripping away layers that obstruct the flow of energy and lifeforce in their bodies.

This Tantra Retreat includes somatic experiencing, trauma release work, voice dialoguing, constellations, shamanic rituals, and much more, all aided by the use of music, movement, deep breathing, and deep body relaxation.

This Tantra Retreat is designed to help individuals, and couples regain a new felt sense of self, trust their intuition, and live from a more authentic place. It is intended for individuals of any gender orientation and sexual orientation.

The training is considered a foundational training for all individuals to uncover foundational pieces about the human psyche and learn about the language of the body.

Venue: Burringbar, Nth NSW Australia

Fully Catered: Be nourished by gluten free, vegan scrumptious meals



Marion Ellyard is a certified counsellor, yoga and meditation teacher with experience in the fields of shamanism, cutting edge psychology, quantum physics, mysticism and psychosomatic bodywork, is sharing what she feels are some of the most foundational pieces needed to be understood and most of all fully experienced and embodied to live a full, joyful and meaningful human life.

Please join us to explore this incredible journey from which you will return new and fresh, with tools that will truly change your life!

We guide each individual in peeling back the layers that inhibit the innate, potent energy and life force that flows within us all.

Our journey begins with the heart, deemed by our facilitator as the most crucial locus of human experience and exploration during our time on earth. The heart serves not just as a physical organ but as a spiritual compass, a nexus where energy and intention converge.

Our bodies are more than just vessels. They are the sanctuaries of our souls, acting as both interpreters and mediators of our innermost desires and wisdom. Mastering the art of tuning into your heart's wisdom is akin to understanding the silent whispers of your soul.

Ancient traditions, from Zen Buddhism to Native American spiritual practices, have long revered the heart as the soul's anchor within the human form.

Welcome to a profound, embodied experience that promises rejuvenation and awakening. This retreat offers numerous transformative exercises designed to reignite your vitality, redefine your purpose, and reconnect you to the authentic essence that lies within. By diving deep into these powerful processes, you will find solace in your body, feeling as if you've come home.

Our ultimate goal? To unify the triad of body, heart, and soul—a harmonious alignment that unfolds with time and intention. Join us in this sacred endeavor.

Event Details

Start date: October 02, 2023

End date: October 08, 2023

Start time: 18:00 AEST

End time: 13:00 AEST

Venue: Burringbar

* Please note this ticket is Non-Refundable & Non Transferrable

This is an Adult event, please be self responsible and note that everything on offer is optional – take home what works for you what you feel you can relate to that benefits your life and the life of others, leave the rest.
The programs are designed to create expansion into ourselves and a degree of awakening through increased wholistic self awareness using a combination of traditional psychology and common therapy approaches, embodiment through body dearmouring such as movement, sound and breath, spirituality.
Through applying different views to our reality and changing patterns through changing beliefs, sexuality through using the power of our lifeforce/chi that runs through us by increasing it and learning to direct it into different areas, experiencing the wisdom of pleasure itself, emotional release and understanding of human behaviour through melting away numbness into deeper feeling and deep listening to what our emotions want to teach us.
We offer support during and after our events if needed but events are designed in a way to help participants to self and co regulate and gain greater power and freedom and authenticity in their life.
In the workshops we use a combination of the 5 very important areas of life – sexuality, embodiment, emotions, spirituality and therapy. Its a non-traditional approach that works more in the realm of alchemy and shamanism rather than just through the intellect, creating bridges between cutting edge science somatic therapies, psychology into the bigger picture of our human existence, ancient mysteries and shamanism.