1 Day Tantra Workshop | July 27

Many of us have experienced periods or long term disruption of the bond between us and a parent, that’s where most attachment issues stem from. Later in life this impacts how we connect with others, how we are able to regulate our emotions or even feel them, how co- or independent we are or how long and healthy our intimate relationships feel.
Having consistent support, warmth, attention and soothing when distressed creates neuro-pathways that allow us to have good boundaries later in life, communicate our feelings, feels a sense of self worth and form meaningful relationships.
In this workshop we will offer exercises that gently touch on areas within us that may need some healing, some soothing and some repatterning. You can imagine this like a puzzle, through embodied experience we offer the brain experience after experience that communicates care, safety, nurture and support, the result is a fuller and happier securely attached self.
Highly recommended to stabilise stress and nervousness and to have a day away where you deeply care for yourself together with a wonderful group of people.

We offer Discounted ticket prices for those that want to come to both events, and if you want to book in with a partner or friend for ou Day Workshop + Tantra Touch Temple.

Tantra Day Workshop



Workshop Overview

Join us for an immersive one-day Tantra Workshop, open to individuals of all genders, whether single or in a relationship. This workshop is a journey towards greater holistic wellness and inner wholeness.

Comfort and Dress:

Dress for Comfort: Attire is optional; prioritise your comfort.

Essential Items: Bring 1 large towel or single sheet, 1 sarong, and a water bottle.


Workshop Focus:

Core Philosophy: Deep exploration of Tantra, Connection, Authentic Relating and its principles.

Theme-Based Learning: Each workshop focuses on a specific theme for holistic understanding.

Embodiment Practices: Emphasis on touch, breath, and somatic techniques, known as Red Tantra.



Enhanced Connection: Unblock the body to connect deeply with your inner self and the surrounding life.

Rediscovery: Reacquaint with forgotten aspects of your being for a profound sense of completeness.

Path to Happiness: Foster enhanced happiness through self-understanding and internal equilibrium.


Workshop Content:

Variety of Themes: Philosophically diverse themes for a gentle embodied experience.

Deep Self-Understanding: Facilitate a journey towards personal balance and awareness.


Adult Event:

Self-Responsibility: Everything offered is optional; engage in what resonates with you.

Empowerment: Designed to expand self-awareness and awaken spirituality.


Program Design:

Holistic Approach: Combination of traditional psychology, common therapy, tantra, and spirituality.

Self and Co-Regulation: Aimed at increasing personal power, freedom, and authenticity.

Emotional and Sexual Wellness: Explore the power of lifeforce/chi and emotional release.



Ongoing Support: Available during and after the event as needed.

Ticket Information: Please note that tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Event Details

Date: July 27, 2024

Start time: 09:30 AEST

End time: 17:00 AEST

Venue: Upper Burringbar

Coordinates: Upper Burringbar

Directions: Upper Burringbar