Saturday, July 17, 10am – 5pm – Byron Bay

The Taste of Love Tantra Day Workshop

We are excited to invite you to a day of tantric exercises, delicious lunch, loving touch, followed by the Taste of Love Temple Night. The price includes 1 meal.


The day is divided into a morning session and an afternoon session. Each session has one long tantric ritual in it that can be done within your own comfort level. The sessions are both healing, revealing and include eros, love, trust and bring naturally through the renewed connection to ourselves a vitality, joy and radiance that always is there as a current beneath the surface.

We often work with different types of massage, oil, the senses for parts of the day and will feel into the flow what’s needed the most for each group.

The venue is cosy and limiting participants to 30 people creates a soft intimate atmosphere that allows us to go deep and turn within.

We invite you to come out of the homes and share with us this magical day, the meal will be vegan friendly and have GF options.

What to bring:

– water bottle
– sarong and towel
– massage oil

Presenters: Marion Ellyard & guest speaker

Please Respect all Guidelines before committing to this event:

– There may be opportunities to connect and explore with others, only do so if there is mutual consent.
– Before any exercise, agreements are made between practice partners re personal boundaries, dress code, STD’s, that need to be respected.
– This is a drug and alcohol free event.
– No cameras/video devices or photos permitted. We will have our own photographer and you will be asked if your photo can be taken only to be published for friends on the private events page after the party.
– Personal Hygiene is a must.
– You agree to take responsibility and to act with integrity and accountability in regards to your sexual connections, existing relationships or relationship agreements and to seek advice from a facilitator during the evening should you feel at any time uncomfortable with any of the exercises or interactions within the group.


Times and Date:
10am – 5pm



TBA Byron Bay available upon registration

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