Taste of Love Festival - 3 or 7 Day Live - in

13 -19 March 2020

The Taste of Love Festival 2020

A new experience a fresh exciting look.

We have hired an entire naturalist friendly camping ground exclusive for the Festival’s use this year to be able to offer an incredible live – in experience with old and new friends. Nature is bountiful and beautiful there only 20 mins south of Byron Bay you can truly relax and enjoy a selection of incredible workshops, night events and all day massage and cuddle facilities. 

Directly after the Festival there will be ISTA Level 1 + 2 (Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience) held at Paradise One. For more info please go HERE


The Taste of Love Festival is designed to transport you into a continuation of deepening with yourself and others in a fully embodied way. The path of red tantra utilises the intelligence and energy of the body to activate states of joy, ecstasy, pleasure, wisdom and connection to self and others. 

“Tantra is primarily about uniting love, spirituality and sexuality with awareness .”


Every day a full program awaits ranging from dance, yoga, meditation, sexuality workshops, touch workshops to interesting cutting edge lectures and healing workshops. 

The first 3 days are holding 3 sessions at any given time while in the next 4 days we will take time to go into more personal process work.

Connection and journeying together with others is the main emphasis of the festival. There is spaces where you can relax together, massage and cuddle or join into sensuality or sexuality, there is nature to walk through and swimming opportunities, you may feel to relax with others.

There is team members that can support you and aso daily group sharings. 

While we don’t want to give away our program details but keep the surprise happening for you session offerings you can expect are mainly around receiving for what you need to fill up your cup. 

Most of us are not able to relax enough, to enjoy enough and to get what we really want and to have time for getting in touch with ourselves, our inner child, our inner lover or there isn’t the right environment or people around us to ask. 

We will support you on this journey to fill up your love, connection, community and friendship cup, spiced up with embodiment, sensuality and even sexuality if this is what you truly want. Massage, Dance, Movement, Touch, Sound, Food, Nature and Life Force or Eros running through the body is what we want to fill our 6 days with LOVE!! 

Ballina Beach Village is a clothing optional venue for the weekend event and they support community that wants to awaken to their natural state, respecting the environment, living healthy and organically. This is what we stand for as well as we have found that a healthy mind wants to live in a healthy body and cares about other people, their boundaries, wishes and desires, their life and their heart and the journey of tantra in that way encompasses wholesome feeling, acting and living as a natural things.

Make the most out of our Early Bird offers. You can join us in 2020 for a 3 week journey starting March 13th with Taste of Love Festival – Immersion – ISTA Level 1+2 Training, finishing on April 3rd. 

Dates: March 16-19

Registration: from 10am

Session times: 10am, 2.30pm and 8.30pm 

Meal times: 8am, 1pm and 7pm

Festival finishes: 10.30pm Sunday 15th, breakfast available Monday 16th

Course finishes: 2pm after lunch Thursday 19th

Location: Ballina Beach Village, 440 South Ballina Beach Road, South Ballina

Food options: the event is fully catered, you can purchase food as you need it


All our tickets include accomodation. You can choose from camping, dorm, private room with a queen bed priced for 2 people or an entire private cabin for 2 people.

What to bring (if possible):

  • water bottle
  • massage oil
  • 2 sarongs
  • 2 towels
  • yoga mat
  • music instrument
  • notepad and pen
  • some sensual dress ups
  • bathers for the beach, optional at the pool
  • snacks if you need extras or things for cooking yourself (fridges in all accommodation)
  • toiletries, clothes
  • torch
  • earplugs in case you are a light sleeper

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We are so looking forward to journey with you!

Marion Ellyard, Ron van Twuiver & the Taste of Love Team

Program times and details are subject to change.

Disclaimer, please read before registering:

I understand and recognise that some of the content and exercises at the Taste of Love festival and Immersion is of spiritual and sexual nature. I agree that what happens to me during the events or outside of session processes stays under my control and the session givers and organizers are not in any way held responsible. I agree to act responsible in regards to my previously existing relationships or agreements and to seek advice from a facilitator during the training should I feel at any time uncomfortable with any of the exercises or interactions within the group.

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