The movement of energy. Work that deals with the first and second Chakras. Intimacy with the body, self and others. 


The fabric of connection. Work that involves the third, fourth and fifth Chakras. Intimacy with others.


Knowing the self. Working with the sixth and seventh Chakras. Intimacy with Self and the Divine. 

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Highlights from the 2016 Taste of Love Festival

This short video tour of the 2016 Festival gives you a sense of the depth, diversity and passion shared by all at the Taste of Love Festival. It was truly a wonderful experience and we look forward to building on this in the future!

Thanks to Rob Bampton for his incredible time and dedication to film and edit this video together, we could not recommend him more highly. Check out his site here:


Australia's Most Easterly Point!
Byron Bay Community Centre
Byron Bay Community Centre, 69 Jonson St, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Check the Accommodation page for full details on how to get here and where to stay.

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ISTA Training SSSEX Level 1

Level 1 ISTA Training (SSSEX) will be held in Byron Bay in 2017. For further information click to visit the Radiant Love website with full details and booking form.
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Promotional Partners

Byron Spirit Festival

As a Sister Festival to Taste of Love Festival, we are happy to promote this amazing event, back for the third time to Mullumbimby in 2016!

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Heartsongs in the Himalayas

When you’re ready to take your vibe to a higher place, you can explore yoga, meditation and chanting in some of the sacred places of the Himalayas…

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