About Taste of Love

The Taste of Love Festival and Tantra School started in 2014 and has ever since kept evolving and growing. It features the well known and established largest Tantra Festival each year in the Northern Rivers area alongside several week long trainings and shorter workshops throughout the year. Marion also works individually with people in one on one session work in person or via skype since 2004, now focussing on somatic therapies, shamanic process work, relationship and intimacy coaching.

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‘Why I see an immense value in this work is because our life force energy, also often referred to as ki, chi, serpent energy, can lay dormant at the base of our spine or be only be partially activated. Once activated we can experience an immense flow of energy, enthusiasm, vision and joy for life and others. This is why we work with sexual energy throughout the festival as it often helps to activate this dormant energy, also referred to as kundalini energy. Removing shame, fear or misconceived ideas around this topic in a world where unfortunately most teenagers still get most of their sexual education online and from pornographic material. We are facing a 50% divorce rate worldwide and broken families. This work is all about strengthening and deepening relationships to self and others in body, mind and spirit.”

The Taste of Love Festival 2021 will again feature well-known presenters from Australia this time due to covid.  Local and national presenters kept in balance to support everyone, musicians and artists whose work is highly regarded by peers and attendees alike. The full program is available on the website late 2020.

The Festival commences Friday morning 9am with registrations and continues either for 3 days followed by the Taste of Love Tantra Training. 

Please come and join us at ‘A Taste of Love’ 2021 and become part of our family.

With love, passion and freedom!

Marion Ellyard

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