Tantra Touch Temple | Sep 9

The Tantra Touch Temple night is designed for you to have a playful, relaxing evening where you can explore in a respectful, safe container the magic of touch with like-minded people. This event is for singles and couples, and people of all sexual orientations. We have a Magnesium Spa, and Sauna to relax into the event, as a mini-retreat.

We will be having a guided evening program focusing around the different types of touch – remedial, nurturing, sensual, and sexual, and also on connecting with each other, using playful connection exercises, and lots of laughter, music and dance, a part of this fun and nurturing event. Then we move the evening into a free space, where we ask you to bring a plate of healthy finger food to share, or something non-alcoholic to drink (this is an alcohol and drug-free event).

If you like you can enjoy the magnesium spa, and the sauna, if you wish to do so – please bring 2 towels in addition to the normal requirements (water bottle, 2 sarongs, massage oil). Looking very much forward to seeing you at this event. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us.

Discounted Tickets are available to attend both events 1 Day Tantra Workshop  + Touch Temple Night. Book in with a friend or partner to receive further discounts.

Tantra Touch Temple Night


LOCATION: Upper Burringbar NSW

TIME: 7.30pm - Midnight



Join us at the Tantra Touch Temple for a transformative experience. Open into the world of ecstatic currents, blissful touch, and intimate connection.


Key Features

Exploring Ecstasy: Learn to harness the bliss released through touch and intimacy.

Natural Connection: Experience the release of oxytocin, enhancing feelings of connection and love.

Layer Shedding: Remove emotional armors (layers) to embrace a deeper sense of oneness.


Event Highlights:

Drug and Alcohol-Free Environment: Embrace the natural magic of Tantra without substances.

Relaxing Amenities: Enjoy the Natural Flowing Creek, Magnesium Spa and Infrared Sauna.

Community Focus: Celebrate gratitude for our conscious community, friends, and cuddle buddies.


What to Bring:

Essentials: Water bottle, sarong, and two towels for the spa and sauna.

Relaxation: Massage oil for a more enriching experience.

Community Sharing: A plate of finger food to share, prepared with love.

Dress Code: Dress up sexy to celebrate the occasion.


Event Philosophy:

Adults-Only: A self-responsible environment where participation is optional.

Holistic Approach: Combines traditional psychology, therapy approaches, and Tantra.

Self-Awareness Expansion: Through body dearmouring, movement, touch, sound, and breath.

Embracing Sexuality: Harnessing lifeforce/chi for emotional release and deeper understanding.


Support and Empowerment:

Guided Growth: Support available during and after the event.

Self and Co-Regulation: Designed to enhance personal power, freedom, and authenticity.


The programs are designed to create expansion into ourselves and a degree of awakening through increased wholistic self awareness using a combination of traditional psychology and common therapy approaches, embodiment through body dearmouring such as movement, sound and breath, spirituality.
Through applying different views to our reality and changing patterns through changing beliefs, sexuality through using the power of our lifeforce/chi that runs through us by increasing it and learning to direct it into different areas, experiencing the wisdom of pleasure itself, emotional release and understanding of human behaviour through melting away numbness into deeper feeling and deep listening to what our emotions want to teach us.

Event Details

Date: July 27, 2024

Start time: 19:00 AEST

End time: 23:59 AEST

Venue: Upper Burringbar

Coordinates: Upper Burringbar

Directions: Upper Burringbar