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Rich ‘Strong Deer Dreaming’ embodies a purpose to lead the divine masculine and hold space for the divine feminine. These polar energies exist within all people. Rich empowers others to nurture their feminine womb-space energy and ignite their masculine spark energy. This happens internally and externally in relating with others.

Rich’s passion is to empower people to be truly ALIVE and navigate life with full-body fire and passion, rather than with head-based logic or heart-based emotion. Rich’s work embodies a unique blend of Western psychotherapeutic principles and intimacy practices such as BDSM, Eastern mindfulness and tantra, and indigenous sacred sexual Shamanic practices.

Rich adopts a Gestalt framework which focusses on self-acceptance and honouring what naturally becomes figural for each participant.

Rich is a non-indigenous Shamanic space-holder and Psychotherapist, with six years of higher education in the field including a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy and Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy.

Festival Presenter
Richard Mahler

“The Wheel of Consent: Both intimate connections and in life!”

In this highly interactive and experiential workshop, Rich ‘Strong Deer Dreaming’ introduces (or re-introduces for many) the fundamentals of Betty Martin’s seminal Wheel of Consent (WoC).

By understanding the four aspects of ‘SERVER’, ‘ACCEPTER’, ‘TAKER’ and ‘ALLOWER’, participants gain an appreciation of how the acts of ‘DOING’, being ‘DONE-TO’, ‘GIVING’ and ‘RECEIVING’ intersect. This reveals the nuances of how the energy flow changes depending on the nature of the gift being shared within each dynamic. The shadows outside the WoC are also briefly explored.

Participants are guided through various exercises and games to co-create a field promoting experiential learning. Participants experience their ‘NO’ and YES’, empowering them to recognise and be guided by their ‘FULL BODY YES’!!! The experience is integrated through sound and movement.

The workshop concludes with the group reflecting on and sharing insights as to how the WoC can apply to both intimate connections and in life!


Richard Mahler

FRIDAY @ 2-4pm
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