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Peter is a living dynamo. A high flyer in Commercial radio and TV, he created Planet Radio, the world’s first “Environmental and Conscious Radio Network” in 1995. He was principal in production company Lizard of Oz Media and Director of “TattuTV” a highly rated weekly Music TV show. In 2012 he became “Peter Walker” and walked 9 countries, 13,000 kilometres over 7 years.

Peter now leads the Aussie Sounds team, creates community with “The Village” and, is writing a series of epic novels aligned with that community, records audio and video books and hosts and facilitates Quantum Leap, his collaborative, life changing workshop retreats .

Festival Presenter

The Beauty and Pleasure of Genital Differences

Some like it fast, some very, very slow. Some experience wetness at the slightest touch, others

become dryer the more the excitement rises. Some endowed large and some endowed small, some

narrow, some wide, some neat and petite, some blossomed and wanton.

Some will bay and howl at the moon, some writhe and moan to dive deep into honey.

Some love a hard thumping. For others fast wriggles much like a bunny.

Some others want neither of those, for you see – it’s silence and heartbeat and stillness for thee.

In this world where so much conversation is present around gender identity, this workshop will take

an entirely different journey around the nature, structure and influence of our genitals. We will learn

about several different paths and teachers that have studied the impact and influence of our genital

design and we will take some time, for those who wish to bring their knowledge into their physical

experience, the essence of “knowing” to examine the evidence in a beautiful experience of genital

identification and respect.

It doesn’t matter whether you embrace any of these perspectives. It just provides teachings and

offerings that offer some fabulously inclusive patterns for all genital types – normalising all of our

similarities and our differences to permit the beauty of our unique offerings to our collective


“As we celebrate the similarities in all that we are, we amplify the unique nature and beauty of every

single soul surrounding these extraordinary material manifestations we call our body”. Peter Walker.


Genital Differences
Friday  @ 2-4pm

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