Nikkiema Rai

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Nikkiema Rai is a Somatic Sexologist, Sexological Bodyworker, and avid pleasure enthusiast, who has worked and studied in the sexuality industry for 6 years.

During that time, she has studied at two of the most pioneering sexuality schools in the world, one being Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy which she now facilitates with. She has hosted dozens of pleasure activation circles, women’s and mixed space circles, and self-pleasure workshops.

Nikkiema is passionate about activating radical change in the world, is best known for her transformational work changing women’s lives through creating deep intimacy, pleasure and connection.

Festival Presenter 
Nikkiema Rai

The Edge of Erotic

Our edges are an untapped well of erotic potential!

Often we keep ourselves playing small, or even far away from our edges – no, I’m not talking about ‘edging’ – I’m talking about the edge of our comfort zone. The place where our sexual shadows lie; the place where we dare not look for our erotic nature because we’ve been taught to shame and taboo our erotic selves, or hold stories about what is right and wrong, and even what can be sexual.

But what could happen if instead of avoiding those edges, we lean into them?

What could happen if we play in the space between our own ‘normal’ narrative and our edge? What could happen when we play in the tension that creates instead of avoiding it?

It’s possible that an edge you haven’t dared to venture near is your next level of erotic embodiment.

We all have edges (coming to this festival or this workshop might be yours) and now you get to play with how you can lean into that instead of away from it.

This workshop invites you into the deep wells of the self in a cornucopia of discovery, shadow, sexuality, and expression in a delightful mix of the erotic and the edges we hold in ourselves.

Find your edge; create your erotic. 

Sexuality – A Somatic Activation

Take a deep dive into your body with me as we open up and activate your sexuality through somatic exploration of both the physical and energetic homes of our sexuality. This beautiful and powerful process invites you to drop deeply into the pelvis, the intricate musculoskeletal area of our body where not only our genitals, but also our sexual chakras reside. Allowing activation through movement, breath and touch to connect deeply with the very bones that hold our physical and energetic sexual centres, and opening up communication between the physical, the sexual, the energetic – and the spiritual connection that weaves through them all. With deep connection to this magical area, we allow the process to unlock and release physical, emotional and sexual tension and stress that has been stored or blocked in this area for it to be freed from our body, and bring forth activation of our full, true sexuality within ourselves.


Saturday @ 2-4pm
Sunday @ 7-8am

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