Tantra festival presenter and performer jay hoad

Isy is an embodiment of Tantric living with over 30 years of experience in facilitation and training. Her diverse background in psychology (PhD), bodywork, shamanism and tantra, gives her a unique flavour and wisdom to her embodied transmission and facilitation of the processes and spaces she weaves.

She is renowned for her powerful Shamanic Constellation Process, clearing patterns at the very core of the ancestral and cultural roots. She specialises in authentic sexuality, enlivening eros, freedom and intimacy, believing that this life force is what drives our desire for a thriving existence. 

Festival Presenter
Isy Gabriel

Clearing shame and release your ecstatic life force:
An Embodied Shamanic Process

Leave your minds at the door… Open to possibility… 
This process will be deep, profound, powerful and effective. Our intention will be to release whatever may be blocking your ecstatic life force, through this embodied shamanic process. There will be stillness… presence… ease… depth… grace… silence… movement… expression… and… Shifts will happen.


Clearing Shame – Sunday @ 10:30-12.30pm

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