Steve Board & Carlie King

riely saville tantra presenter
riely saville tantra presenter

Carlie and Steve are both Tantra Practitioners and are based in Newcastle, NSW.


Steve has struggled throughout his life with depression and trauma, which has now led him to a path of healing and inner work. As an NLP, reiki and Tantra practitioner he offers clients the opportunity to join him in their own healing journey and to find their soul purpose, through his business ‘Infinite Touch Tantra’. 


Carlie is a Tantra Practitioner, Conscious Sexuality & Intimacy Coach and Lover of Humanity. She is driven by the deep knowing that life on earth is meant to be enjoyed and that this joyous expansion is the result of our alignment with the Divine that is in all of us. She guides others in receiving their Divine flow state through embodiment practices, Tantric practices, massage and spiritual counselling.

Festival Presenters
Steve Board & Carlie King

Foundations of Tantra

Are you new to tantric exploration? Do you want to learn more about the history, the roots and the spirit of Tantra? This workshop will get back to basics and connect us with some foundational practices of Tantra. Our aim is to teach you some tools for the weekend and to imprint upon your heart the essence of Tantra. We will show you how to build and harness your sexual Ching energy, how to move it around your body and share it with others.

Embodied Intimacy Games

Suitable for singles, couples and partners of all ages and orientations, we’ll be guiding you through 2 hours of games, movement and laughter.

The games are tailored to boost your intimacy to new levels. When we talk about intimacy we mean our connection to our OWN body, feelings and emotions (into me I see). If we listen to our bodies instead of our heads we hear the truth about what we feel, instead of listening to the logical brain chatter that often overrides our true senses.


SUNDAY @ 10:30am-12:30pm
SUNDAY @ 9:30-11:30pm

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