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Shivani is a Tantrika, massage therapist, KaHuna bodyworker, counsellor, Yoga trainer and co founder of the Sunrise Yoga and Meditation Academy (SYAMA). Having trained in Japan, China, India, and Bali, Shivani has over 25 years of teaching experience, with expertise in pain therapy, reproductive health, and embodied meditation.

Shivani has overcome a variety of health issues and trauma, and gone through two divorces to get to her rewarding and passion filled life as a woman, mother and lover.

Tantra was her most effective medicine and she is passionate about creating healing spaces for all to explore, transform, and celebrate the bliss of being alive.

Festival Presenter

Orgasmic A.M. – Dynamic Tantra Yoga

Start the morning by opening your hips and your heart, stoking your energetic life force. Learn Tantra Yoga techniques that activate an array of tingling, pulsating, and vibrating sensations throughout your whole body. Through breath-work, immerse yourself in the mysterious delights of Kundalini and energetic orgasms, experiencing a sublime connection to yourself and others. Fully clothed workshop. Solo yoga exercises and optional rituals in pairs. 

    Hip and Heart Openers – Tantra inspired Yin Yoga

    A slow, quiet and grounding yoga practice to open your hips and heart
    so you feel more fluid, relaxed, and in touch with the flow of your
    own sexual energy.  As you melt your physical body, more space for the
    full spectrum of your sensory and emotional perceptions will arise –
    it will become easier to let go of tension and stress, allowing you to
    feel more loving and kind to yourself. From this beautiful place we
    will dive deeper into an embodied experience of Tantra philosophy –
    returning to the sacred breath, calling in cosmic power, and seeing
    the Divine in yourself and others. This journey is suitable for
    everyone, no yoga or tantra experience is needed.

    On the surface it may seem like a sensual and sexy stretching
    class but this will be a transformative experience for participants –
    tears, smiles, and sounds of awe will flow through the temple space –
    people will leave with an open body, heart and mind filled with
    pleasure, love and joy.


    FRIDAY @ 7-8am
    SATURDAY @ 7-8am

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