Shane & Bonnie

tantra festival presenters

Shane Wilson and Bonnie Aungle are Sacred Sexuality Specialists and Conscious Kink Educators, helping people to reach their full potential for pleasure and connection.

They are trauma-informed and utilise many tools in their work including somatic sexological therapy, Tantra, KaHuna bodywork, sensory exploration, embodiment, BDSM and the Wheel of Consent; as well as social de-conditioning, RBDSM, Radical Self-Inquiry, Non-Violent Communication and how to navigate healthy non-monogamous relating.

They work one-on-one, with singles, couples, and/or groups. They have been guest speakers & performers at international workshops, on podcasts, and in Virtual Reality spaces. They love to perform at local events.

Bonnie and Shane teach Shibari at Peer Rope Byron Bay on Thursday evenings. Bonnie is a Tantric Rope sWitch, and Shane is a Rigger who has been playing with rope bondage for over 30 years; Shibari specifically for about 7 years.

They have training in both the Osada-Ryu and Kazami-Ryu schools of Shibari, including being taught by Avalon – an internationally acclaimed Master Rope Artist, and founder of their Peer Rope Byron Bay dojo. 

Festival Presenters
Shane & Bonnie

Discover a new way to deeply connect through this intimate exchange of power and trust; learn to quieten the mind through true surrender. 

Bonnie and Shane will take you through the fundamentals of Shibari/Kinbaku, beginning with the history and evolution of this ancient Japanese art form, and it’s influence on modern day Shibari; through to setting up a safe container in which one can take another on a profoundly connective and sensual journey with a few simple knots. 

We will discuss the different reasons people tie and the multitude of applications of the dynamic medium of rope. You will learn about different types of rope, safety precautions, and ways to enhance your rope experience. 


You will have the opportunity to discover what rope feels like, from both sides, as a Bakushi or rigger (one who ties), and an Ukete or model/bunny (one who receives). 


You will experience a flavour of Shibari that has been blended seamlessly with the fundamentals of Tantra, where consent and safety are paramount, to bring connection and intimacy with your partner to new heights.

In this workshop you will learn how to navigate subspace; that beautiful dream-like state which, paradoxically, can be hyper-aware. When a Rigger or Top is able to craft an experience and create a space in which their rope partner feels safe and held enough to journey through and plumb the depths of their own being. The body/brain releases its own delicious cocktail of chemicals, senses are heightened and the ceaseless chatter of monkey mind momentarily ceases; the ropes sculpt their own form of satori.

somewhere afloat in the folds
of this wordless communion
the sacrosanct exchange
of power and trust-
the most precious of gifts,
the most sacred of offerings…
Each in deep servitude of the other
connected by umbilical jute.
(-Bonnie Aungle)


SUNDAY @ 4:30-6:30pm

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