Riely Saville

riely saville tantra presenter

RIELY SAVILLE – Riely began her dance training at the age of 3 – First starting out as a Ballerina, she trained with The Australian Ballet and went on to perform with the Melbourne Ballet Company, Ajkun Ballet NYC, Disney, WB, Universal Studios, Royal Caribbean International, Kanye West, Dracula’s Cabaret + much, much more! After picking up Latin Dance as a hobby, Riely embarked on the journey to become a Latin Dance Artist and has danced and performed around the world, even winning 1st place for Salsa & Bachata Cabaret @ The Australian Dance Cup.

All this aside, Riely’s favourite way to move is now through Embodied Dance / Free Flow – No “steps” required! She is excited to bring you a fusion of both embodiment & skill to this workshop.

Festival Presenter
Riely Saville


Explore the Art of Sensuality through Movement as we take you on a journey to learn the foundations of Sensual Bachata – a deeply connected, partnered dance style, first emerging from the Dominican Republic, now popular worldwide. This style explores Physical Touch, Lead & Follow, Masculine & Feminine Dynamics, Music & Dance and picking up cues from your partner/s. Sensual Bachata is a beautiful way to give you the tools to further connect with those around you through the Arts and to explore Tantric Connection in the real world, through Dance & Music.


SATURDAY @ 9:30-11:30pm

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