Natalie Abraham

2023 tantra festival presenter

Natalie is a certified Somatic Trauma Therapist, an intimacy coach and heart initiator, an artist and healer, a poet.

She guide’s transformative journeys through multiple sensual and sexual arts including Dancing into Tantra, Rope Healing/Shibari, Erotic Explorations, Female Embodiment, Men’s Cicles and much more.

Her key emphasis lies in vulnerability, empowerment and conscious intimacy. She is also host and founder of her live radio talk show ‘Let’s Talk About’, conversing with international experts on subjects of relationships, sex and taboo.

Natalie comes from a background of Latin sensual couple dance, and studied at the International School of Temple Arts, which led her on a deep journey into self exposure, deep self love, and sexual healing.

Her biggest desire is to share the gifts that radically changed her life – to others, bringing together true intimacy, sensuality, vulnerability, playfulness, depth, authentic connection and ultimately to the art of love, and of loving.

Festival Presenter
Natalie Abraham


One of Natalie’s greatest creations that has become an internationally acclaimed experience!

DANCING INTO TANTRA is a journey in to the unique arts of intimacy! is a life-changing, pattern-breaking, intimacy-creating experience!

A journey of self-expression through movement. Letting go of the ideas on how we should look on the outside, and instead diving deeply into expressing what is alive within us. Slowly shedding our layers of uncomfort/insecurities/judgment, and finding freedom to be all that we are in every given moment – a true path to liberation. This is not ‘just’ a dance class. This will take you deep in to life wisdoms to support the way you interact with every day life. We will work with all the faces and personalities that live within us, some of which we are most comfortable being, and others, hidden, unexpressed, waiting to be revealed.


Our senses are a gateway to activating even more intimacy in our lives. This is a preparation to temple journey that will take us through mature expression, in to our most basic need for intimacy, and discover a gate for pleasure, acceptance and fulfillment. We will discover that when slowing down the run to sexuality, a whole world of pleasure exists within us, as we activate all our senses. We will awaken ripples of bliss as we creatively stimulate our sense of SIGHT ✨ SMELL ✨ SOUND ✨ TASTE ✨ TOUCH ✨ SPACE!


FRIDAY @ 10:30-12:30pm
SUNDAY @ 4:30-6:30pm

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