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Narla Dean – Touch Therapist and Relationship Coach. With over a decade of experience in sexuality and relationships, she’s passionate about helping clients discover their deepest desires and develop healthy expressions of intimacy. Narla creates warm, heart centred, safe, transformative spaces for her clients to explore their inner selves and relationships. Narla’s work is influenced by Authentic Relating, Somatic Therapy, Red Tantra, and Shamanism. Living locally in the Byron Hinterland.

She is absolutely abundant in fruits to share with the TOL community. 

Festival Presenter
narla dean

Evolve Your Relating

This workshop will be informative, introspective and interactive. I intend to offer guidance to the participants to find the truth in what they are really desiring in relationship and how to communicate that in relationship.

We’ll delve into potential shadows or underlying issues that may be affecting relationship or manifesting suitable partnerships. Also, provide practical tools and how-to guidance to manage potentially difficult conversations and perhaps most importantly, we’ll explore techniques to restore connection and intimacy after periods of disconnect.

My intention is to offer ways to deepen our connections, communicate more effectively and cultivate more fulfilling and aligned relationships.

Workshop will benefit singles, couples, poly folk and all genders.

Morning Self Pleasure

A beautiful gentle space for self pleasure exploration, it is a blindfolded and self touch only space, everyone on separated mattresses. Limited by space.

Sensual music and light guidance for self touch.


SUNDAY @ 7-8am
SUNDAY @ 1-2pm

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