tantra festival presenter and producer marion ellyard

Marion’s counselling and events are all about embodiment.

What does that actually mean?

To live a fully empowered, fulfilled and loving human life, we believe that all aspects of us need to be brought into alignment, into the light. Only when we can know and embrace our core patterns, and beliefs, we can fully let the lifeforce stream through us and find our path and our purpose. All the work and events focus on these very things: self love – self knowledge – love of others – love and harmony of life itself.

We leave no stone unturned, no shadow and wound un-embraced that has made us who we are…this is what we want to explore, to celebrate withe ecstasy.

Festival Presenter & Festival Producer
Marion Ellyard


The focus on this night will really be gratitude for the wonderful conscious community we have here, our friends and cuddle buddies that touch our hearts along the way and release all this oxytocin to nurture us.

Coming into temple space is hence a from of prayer of love, of being seen without being judged, of loving freely because loving each other is our nature, of dancing wildly alone and with each other, of touching and making sounds or watching and feeling yourself on your own. All these expressions are welcomed as temple represents a space where we can re-explore being free without hurting anyone or getting hurt.

Couples, singles, people of any sexual orientation and relationship constellation welcome. (please discuss and assess your relationship agreements before you attend this event, professional guidance will also be available and given at the event itself)

Dress for temple night: Be freshly showered and attire yourself in a way you feel you are the most honouring of yourself, this could be in sensual wear, erotic, fun, magical or simply smart, comfortable as you would dress going to a very special, exciting date with yourself that involves your body, touch and sensuality. Dress up: SEXY
Please arrive promptly for the Ceremony. No entry is permitted after the agreement field has been created.



Marion Ellyard offers her signature 7 day program. Come and learn all about it, experience some practises, and ask any questions



Saturday @ 9:30-11:30pm

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