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Heide Getrost (she/her) is a passionate sexuality practitioner who guides people towards sexual empowerment, self-discovery and liberation of their erotic selves. As a certified sexological bodyworker and somatic sex educator, she combines tantric teachings, sacred sexuality, and conscious kink to cultivate a deeper connection with the body, expand pleasure and facilitate profound transformation.
Mikey Haslett (he/him) is an educator and facilitator in kink and BDSM, blending tantric principles into his sessions and workshops. With 5 years as a dungeon master, he fosters fulfilment, connection, and exploration. He also takes pleasure in creating custom wood and leather BDSM gear and furniture.

    Festival Presenters

    Slow Kink

    Faster is not always hotter. 

    Slowing down in our connections and play brings greater awareness and listening to the body and desires. Playing slow can be highly erotic as we allow time to drop into role, to feel self and the other energetically, and become attuned to the act and what wants to arise next. The energetics between players becomes the practise and the edges to play with. Our sensitivity is increased to subtle shifts and touch. 

    Slow Kink is a sensual and erotic journey for the initiated.

    Sensual Kink Temple

    Let’s tune into your body and immerse ourselves in the present moment. Reflect on the weekend’s adventures, the openings, the expansions, the insights – all that’s unfolded. In this final Taste of Love temple, we’ll be embarking on a unique journey to deepen these experiences and ground ourselves in our bodies. We’ll use the power of breath, sound, and movement, with a dash of playful exploration, and a splash of sensual kinky fun.

    Even if you don’t consider yourself a ‘kinky soul’ this space will warmly welcome you. For those who are seasoned players, the invitation is to bring your full kinky self in devotion.

    It’s about flowing into sensual connections, finding new ways to engage and play, and exploring your erotic edges – always respecting full embodied consent, prioritising playfulness and fun. Throughout the evening’s free play, guidance and support will be readily available.

    Join us for this temple of self-discovery, playfulness and celebration!

    Loving Deeper: 

    Together as Loving Deeper, they coach and teach tantra and conscious kink infused with their unique balance of the masculine, feminine and their loving presence. They create a fun and safe educational space for seekers to explore their tantric and kinky edges. They host regular events in the Northern Rivers.



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