Daniel Driver

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Daniel Driver

Daniel has a great passion for Latin dancing to which he attributes some of his most major personal transformations. He has learned to foster greater self expression and deeper connection to others through this art form and now supports others in developing this within themselves.

Bachata is a partnered dance – so it gets people interacting, touching and connecting right out of the gate! They will get to meet other participants and start to explore their connections through dance and music, while learning something new and fun 🙂 … They can then use this moving forward to dance with each other and discover who they move well with and then they can also take these skills out into the real world, as we have thriving Latin dance scenes in the wider community. We will start with a basic dance warm up, done solo and then we will get everyone to partner up and we will teach the participants basic bachata footwork, musicality, hand holds and body framing, turns & more! And then we will give them a combination to learn to really get them dancing and having fun with it! At the end, we will perform a demo of the combination and they perform a bigger demo of the style so they can see what it all looks like at a more advanced level and hopefully inspire them to keep learning! Participants are welcome to film the basic steps, combination and demo if desired and allowed by the festival.

Festival Presenter
Daniel Driver

Sensual Bachata

Explore the Art of Sensuality through Movement as we take you on a journey to learn the foundations of Sensual Bachata – a deeply connected, partnered dance style, first emerging from the Dominican Republic, now popular worldwide. This style explores Physical Touch, Lead & Follow, Masculine & Feminine Dynamics, Music & Dance and picking up cues from your partner/s. Sensual Bachata is a beautiful way to give you the tools to further connect with those around you through the Arts and to explore Tantric Connection in the real world, through Dance & Music


Daniel Driver & riely saville

SATURDAY @ 9:30-11:30pm

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