Tantra festival presenter and performer amber hopkins

Festival Presenter

✨Tantric kink coach, Priestess, Shibari Switch, service top for sisters, stylist, Erotic performer, ritual artist, festival organiser and intimacy educator behind the Erotic Edge.✨

Miss Ella~Vatrix has a unique approach to BDSM and kink that is sensual, intentional and heart based.

Her work demonstrates the energy of devotion in dominance and submission and how it can open a channel for the divine to move through us.

Her interest lies in the deep healing and spiritual journey that we can reach through playing in these fields with presence, authenticity and connection.

Amber has been working, exploring, creating in the field of Tantra and Kink for the last 6 years.

The start of her journey found her teaching boundaries and consent in India and abroad before beginning to build a community of conscious kinksters around the Northern Rivers and Gold Coast area.

Amber has been hosting popular local events like the monthly Rope Rendezvous which focuses on shibari and connection through rope.

She is intensely passionate about supporting others to access their bliss and to have the best life and sex possible through embodied consent, accessing their deepest desires and bringing awareness to the lessons behind them.

Amber loves helping people remove shame from their sexuality to understand that even the most taboo aspects of self are natural, available, interesting parts of themselves that deserve to be witnessed and appreciated.

By exploring kink and BDSM from this perspective, it can lead to expansion and transformation through pleasure, connection, trust, healing and the ability to navigate the intensity of existence.


 She has been a regular presenter at the Taste of Love Tantra Festival for over 5 years and this year is stepping into assisting with managing the festival.

Amber will be bringing a few performances to this year’s festival that will demonstrate some of the fun possibilities available when we are open to exploring all of ourselves.


Saturday @ 8:30-9pm

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