Alex Holmes

alex holmes tantra festival

Alex is a registered practitioner of  Ayurvedic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Body Work, Nutrition, and Medical Intuition. He further has a background in energy sciences such as Qi Gong, breathwork, trauma work, tantric yoga, Taoist, and Hindu traditional tantra and is a registered member of the Kundalini support network.

Alex has a uniquely playful and deep way of working with energy and has been for the last 15 years.  As a practitioner, he is well known for restoring health using a vast array of modalities, energy, emotional, and highly intuitive work to approach many different ailments. 

He has been a coach/intuitive working with men and women offering them a deeper relationship to their energetic and sexual capacity with the aim to trigger deeper states of consciousness.

Festival Presenter
alex Holmes

The Rhythm of Sex: Fundamentals of Sexual Cultivation

This workshop will highlight the energetic importance of cultivating sexual energy. You will learn how to cultivate and embody sexual energy as an ongoing practice in life. You will learn the fundamental 3 treasures of circulating, intensifying, and igniting sexual energy. What it feels like to synchronize with your own and others’ sexual rhythms and build upon that energetic momentum. How to use sexual energy to identify and dissolve blockages and restore flow. You will gain tools to increase your capacity to embody more sexual energy, become naturally energetically attractive, and how bring connectedness to the bedroom. Finally, this workshop will demonstrate how the process of cultivating of sexual energy leads to a complete change in our connection to life.


Cultivating and Saftely opening sexual energy together (Dual Sexual Cultivation)

In the 2nd workshop, you will learn how to work with other people’s energy systems and how to support, build and open their energy. It will show you how to access your own energy to safely spark somebody else’s and how using your own energy can be a potent catalyst for both parties in the cultivation process. This workshop will build your confidence and safety in accessing your sexual energy without outcome and purely for the intention of healing and well-being.  The workshop will include sharing boundaries, spotting energetic blocks, sparking attraction, exploring energetic intentional touch, and moving into ecstatic states together.


FRIDAY@ 10:30-12:30pm
SATURDAY @ 7-8am

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