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With a Tantra Festival Healer Ticket in hand, you gain a unique platform to spotlight your skills, forge new connections, and enhance the transformative experiences of festival-goers. This ticket entitles you to a specialised space, ensuring you can engage with our dynamic audience and offer your services.

Included in your package are 1 x Festival Ticket, a 3×3 Market Stall Space.

At our festival, attendees are driven by a passion for Tantra, personal evolution, and holistic health. It’s an unparalleled chance to expose your craft to an expansive audience while mingling with individuals who prioritise self-improvement and wellness.


In addition, immerse yourself in the festival’s diverse offerings, ranging from enriching workshops and seminars to invigorating music and dance performances, as well as delectable culinary treats.

Recognising the profound power of a nurturing community and setting, our festival delivers precisely that. 

Join us in crafting an event teeming with insight, affection, and the profound beauty of human bonds. Showcase your expertise, broaden your clientele, and realise both your professional and personal potential at the 10th Annual Taste of Love Tantra Festival.

Tantra Massage
Tantra Healer

2024 Festival Healer Application

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Please describe your products here, if you are giving a service, session, massage you need to fill out the healers form NOT the market stall form. The camp out does not charge a % on your sales.

Market Stall

You need to bring your own marquee, signage, rain/sun protection to set up in the market area
special needs, something unique about you... ?

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