MoonRose Magick

tantra festival presenter and performer moonrose mickie

MoonRose Magick is Orgasmic Temple Artist and Sensual Wellness Facilitator who is here to expand your mind and your pleasure as we awaken our Sensual Souls together

Festival Presenter

The Art of Tantric Kink

Learn how to play in weaving tantra and kink together for full body bliss in everything that is nice and spice

Whether it’s through holding a divinely dominant space or having an orgasm from being spanked, learning how to safely weave the light and dark together can take our playing to a whole other dimension through the art of Tantric Kink 

Tantric Temple Games

This is a fun interactive journey where we will explore different dynamics, tantric concepts and powerfully blissful practices through the art of play

This is great way to learn how to make communication, foreplay and everything before sex a fun space to expand our horizons of intimacy.


Friday @ 9:30-11:30pm
THE ART OF TANRIC KINK Saturday @ 4:30-6:30pm

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