Kyle Lazich

tantra festival presenter kyle lazich

Kyle Laz, A herbalist and vibrational medicine practitioner by trade The Chocolate Wizard and Erotic Chocolate Artist by choice…

with a deep passion for ritual and art, Kyle has been deeply researching and exploring and sharing the wisdom of chocolate and its application as a food, a medicine, a sacrament and even as a currency for more than 10years. 

Through a process called Chocolate Dreaming, Kyle crafts experiences that activate the senses and support people to connect deeper with self and the earth.
The chocoLATEST chapter of Chocolate Dreaming is Chocolate Erotica, the exploration of the erotic side of chocolate. 

Chocolate Erotica honors the mystical and magikal aspects of sacred sexuality, kink and good ol for play. 

Chocolate Erotica is a Tastefully Sexy expression of the sensual, seductive and aphrodisiac nature of this divine delicacy. With the intention of bringing back a deeper connection with the sacred, the wild and the innocence of the human experience.

Festival Presenter
Chocolate Wizard

Chocolate Erotica – Tastefully Sexy

Chocolate Erotica is a Playshop an interactive embodiment process that unlocks the sensual secrets of chocolate.

Explore an in depth embodied approach of using aphrodisiacs (Chocolate) and titillating touch to opening the doorway to deeper intimate pleasure and sensory awareness…

allowing yourself the time and space to slow down and simmer in the deviousness of chocolate melting on skin and tongue. 

Join The Chocolate Wizard for a Chocolate Erotic Odyssey to embody the sacred, a space to express your wild and remember the erotic nature.
You will be given tangible practices and techniques to bring bring this craft into your bedroom, relationship or potential your first date. This workshop is for you if you love chocolate and desire to play with it in more tastefully sexy ways.


SATURDAY @ 8:30-9pm
SUNDAY @ 2-4pm

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