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Uri has been DJing for over a decade and have played at a number of venues/events around Australia and overseas, such as Outworld, HOTA, SubRosa, BRISASIA Festival, S.A.S.H, L3 Nightclubs Crown, Playboy Nightclubs India etc. in a variety of genres. A new journey started few years ago when the deep vibe of House and Techno really took him in and ‘ENERGEE’ was born. ENERGEE is active in the local SEQ and NNSW UG House music and Ecstatic dance community. This tribe is the inspiration of the diverse melodies ENERGEE is producing. 

Festival Performer

My music will weave a journey for the dancing bodies to experience some deep vibes within and as the ecstasy builds, an opportunity to connect with others in a non judgemental space. I might use some words during my DJ set for inward journey, connection with breath and building energy all along.

ENERGEE’s selection and production of Techno is packed with fat kicks, deep resonating basslines and driving progressive melodies with groovy hats to bring the dancing bodies together and create this one flow of energy that goes back and forth with a bond established. ENERGEE produces driving Melodic Techno that is unique and progressive, every track is a journey and it keeps getting better and deeper. His tracks Kaallii, Jungle, Deewana, Nok, Jrny and Nxt are available on all major platforms. All his releases are mixed and mastering locally in QLD. Peace!


FRIDAY @ 11:30PM- late

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