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Hayley Melrose is a bright, open, courageous Sensual Alchemist and Soul Photographer, based at the ‘Temple of Love’ North Gosford in Australia.

12 years ago she switched from her corporate job, to a life of Art, Sensuality and Healing.

Hayley guides people to work with their powerful life force energy, breath, sound and movement, through Sensual Alchemy, Soul Photography, Kundalini Dance and Massage Rituals.

Her work is about nature, the elements, self-love, sacred union, embodiment, purification, pleasure, manifestation, surrender, confidence, wildness, transformation and deeply connecting to all of life.

Hayley activates and energizes people in such a deep, yet playful way. People feel safe to explore, let go, express, and open up when she is guiding.

Hayley is a juicy, creative, empowered leader, encouraging people to shake it out, step up and believe in magic. Her motto is that ‘Everything is Possible’. She loves to remind people that they are, ‘The Creators of Their Own Universe!’

Festival Presenter
Hayley Melrose

Kundi Ecstatic Fire Dance

Kundalini Dance is a tantric, shamanic dance, involving breath, sound and movement. Stagnant energy, tightness and emotions are released from the body, in this purifying journey. In the Solar Plexus Fire Chakra, we let go of doubt, perfection, ‘not good enough’, perfection and comparison, and feel our power, bravery, confidence, gusto and focus. We balance the masculine and feminine energies within, along with our lightness and darkness, coming home to our radiance. Time to ignite your fire, crack open, and transform.

The Kundi Ceremony starts with intention setting, anchoring the energy, giving thanks and an introduction to Kundalini Dance and the Solar Plexus Chakra. Participants drop deeply into their bodies, allowing authentic sound and free form movement. Different breath, sound and pc muscle practices are shared as the journey continues. This helps to move the sexual energy around the body and release any stagnant energy. We let go of doubt and unleash our full power on the dance floor to tribal music, feeling our inner fire! There is a ‘dance of the witness’ piece, ‘moving self massage’ and eye gazing. This a great workshop to release anger and frustration and fill up with love. At the end of the dance we lie down and integrate. We have a brief sharing to circle to close.


Kundalini Dance – Saturday @ 7-8am
Kundalini Dance – Sunday @ 7-8am

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