The Dome

Nov 21, 7-11pm

The Dome – Infrared Sauna, Magnesium Spa, Ice Bath, Massage, delicious health Snacks  & Cuddles
Every 2 months, alternating with the Taste of Love Temple Night.
Limited to 20 people. Covid Safety Plan.
World’s cuddliest, community oriented, healthiest event! Good for body, heart, nervous system and spirit. Lightly guided program, arrive in time. Focus on love and sensuality, non sexual event. 
Be with others, share, receive and give massage, feel, enjoy, watch. Feel good on your own – listen to the body, let it heal. Have a hot spa outside under the stars, take an infrared sauna at your leisure, have an ice bath or cold shower to enliven your senses, detox and gain vitality. Then rest in front of the fire enjoy some cuddles or massage with others. 
Touch – physical and non-physical, being seen and seeing, relaxing deeply to music, taking a journey with self and others that will leave you feeling whole and nourished.
This event is about being held, following the joy or vulnerability of your heart, receiving a massage, sharing heart to heart, having a cuddle, having a sauna and a spa and a wonderful night together. 
Pricing: $30 cash at the door or pay below via credit card (BOOKING IS REQUIRED)
Time: 7-11pm
Location: TBA Byron Bay, will be messaged or emailed to you upon booking shortly before the event
What to bring: 2 Towels, water bottle, sheet, a lovingly prepared plate of fruit, healthy snack or drinks to share. Teas and water will be provided. 
In Gratitude Marion

Taste of Love Festival 2021 LIVE In!!
March 12-21

Fully booked! All bookings exhausted.