Taste of Love Tantra Retreat

Monday, March 15, 4pm – Sunday, March 21, 1pm – Byron Bay

The Taste of Love Tantra Retreat – Rewilding Heart, Sex & Soul

Directly after the Taste of Love Tantra Festival 2021! Great COMBO tickets available.


COVID SAFE BUSINESS – depending on restrictions currently limited to 40 participants


We want to welcome you to a week-long reclamation of your core, along with your shamanic and somatic selves! This 7 day journey taps deep within yourself which in turn releases stress and tension from the body, mind and soul. In this retreat we will be working with the magic of polarities, knowing each we can then either choose to rest in the middle, in harmony and peace or we can consciously move between the poles to create and co create a dynamic aliveness in our lives. It’s a ourney from the heart (the middle) into the sexuality/creative force the matter polarity and into the soul/spirit real (the consciousness polarity of the non manifested potential). 


You will be guided through this transformational process by renowned Tantra teacher Marion Ellyard (Australia), who is the director of the Taste of Love Tantra Festival Byron Bay, but also a therapist, meditation teacher and yoga facilitator.


“The way Marion holds a safe and loving container amplifies the powerful practices and allows rawness and profound transformations I could have never imagined.” – Kirk


The master key of the heart is vulnerability. In order to access vulnerability, we need safety; safety in our nervous system, the ability to have our own backs and therefore trust deeply in our own abilities to self-soothe and walk through the world in integrity with ourselves.


In many traditions nothing is considered more scared than the heart. The heart is the middle point, between soul and sex, spirit and matter. Being able to open the heart and live and communicate from that sacred place is in itself a spiritually embodied life path. In some American Indian traditions it is referred to as the hiding spot of the spirit itself. 


Some retreats offer the pathway to greater awareness and awakening through the sex centre, the body, others through the mind or consciousness, but within this retreat’s structure we enter through devotion to the heart. We can then recognize our true nature through seeing our mirror in nature and within each other, the manifestation of love itself. 


Relaxation is at the core of creating an environment that encourages wellness those feelings of love, empathy, aliveness and sexual vibrancy. To get back there we will take you on a journey to get to know your nervous system, to unwind its tensions, fears and traumas and naturally return back to an organic way of harmony within. No part of you will be rushed or left behind, this journey is a descent into your emotions, cells and unique patterns. All of these areas will be met with love and have space held for them so they can either unwind and heal or expand and grow.


This retreat uses techniques such as:

  • Somatic experiencing
  • Bioenergetics
  • Traditional tantric practices
  • Breathwork
  • Shamanism
  • Yoga
  • Chi kung
  • Music
  • Dreamtime stories,
  • Cutting edge brain reprogramming
  • Psychology
  • Ancient pagan rituals


You will be coming into an authentic aliveness and wholeness, in your own time truly discovering where you are at in deep ease in all 3 centres. heart, sex and soul.


In times where we easily can disconnect, live from the intellectual mind and have difficulty to find time and tools for deeply relating with ourselves and partners, this retreat will rewild your senses and soul. It will open you up to fully embrace yourself and your entire body, along with giving you the strength and tools you need in the modern world to stay centred, grounded and fully embodied.


We invite you to take this next step on YOUR path to something that you have always longed for deep within, some transformation that is lasing and repairs our past into a healthy, mature, ecstatic future. We welcome you to join this incredible one week journey, come as a warrior leave as a pilgrim, shed your protection and shine in your essence, surrender to vulnerability and learn how to communicate those subtle processes within so yourself.

For more information do not hesitate to contact me personally: Marion 0415121250



Everybody is welcome over 18, singles and couples, any gender orientation.



Byron Bay, address TBA closer to the date and upon registration



March 15-21, 2021
Start: 4pm
Finish: 1pm


What’s included?

Full Pension & Accommodation
6 nights, 7 days



Early Bird Single (av Nov 20th) $999
Early Bird 2 people $1799
Full Price Single $1200
Full Price Double $2200


Accomodation & Food?

Camping $600
Dorm Bed $650
Twin share $700
Private Room $800
Private Room 2 People $1400



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$1099 (single)
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$2499 (festival & retreat 2 people)
$399 (festival single)
$749 (festival 2 people)



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We are so looking forward to journey with you!

Name: Taste of Love Tantra School
BSB: 032573
ACC: 363112
ADD: Westpac Byron Bay, 73 Jonson Street, NSW 2481

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More information?

Please contact Marion Ellyard
Disclaimer, please read before registering:

I understand and recognise that some of the content and exercises is of spiritual and sexual nature. I agree that what happens to me during the group, training or outside of session processes stays under my control and the teachers, session givers and organizers are not in any way held responsible. I agree to act responsible in regards to my previously existing relationships or agreements and to seek advice from a facilitator during the training should I feel at any time uncomfortable with any of the exercises or interactions within the group. I agree and have read the waiver and disclaimer form when filling out my registration form.

More information?

Please contact Marion Ellyard 

We are looking forward meeting you!

If you seek love – become love yourself.

(old tantric proverb)

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March 21, 2021

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