Dr Espen Hjalmby

Presenter - Norwegian

Dr Espen Hjalmby

Presenter - Norwegian


Using the principles he is known for Dr Espen Hjalmby went from malnourished and near-death after a motorcycle accident left him with 2 broken legs and a life-threatening MRSA hospital infection in 2006 – to fight his way back onto his feet to become a Channel 9 Australian Ninja Warrior finalist, proving to the world that it is not our obstacles that define us, but rather, what we believe about them, and how we respond to them that make us who we are. “It Is On The Way, Not In The Way”

As the co-founder of The Bonfire Health Group – the largest hot yoga and multidisciplinary wellness centres in Australia, Dr Espen cared for over 12,000 patients prior to his retirement from clinical practice in 2015.

When he is not travelling and teaching his signature program Quantum Living, Dr Espen works as a healer, business consultant and personal coach to the elite.

Dr Espen is a fully qualified Doctor of Chiropractic and Teacher with degrees inDipPhysEd (Teaching), HIVE, BApp Sci and MClinChiro RMIT.

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Loving Your Chakras Into Life

Friday 01 Mar 2019
10.30am - 12.30pm
Theatre - Stream 1

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