Mana Mei & Lion Galban

Presenters - USA

Mana Mei & Lion Galban

Presenters - USA


Mana & Lion are a polyamorous couple currently live in Bali, Indonesia with their 2 year old son, River. They are committed to living a life that supports their fullest expression and individual freedom while being deeply connected to each other and their child.

Lion is a 41 year old globally activated Life & Relationship Coach. He is dedicated to helping others manifest their fullest potential through consciousness expansion. He is passionate about freeing the human mind from the cultural and social programming of the “Matrix” and has been aiding others in their mental liberation since 2011. He hails from Northern California, also known as the “Self-Help Mecca” of the world and called home to some of history’s most forward-thinking minds such as Allen Watts. He dances, intentional touch, and embodiment practices to guide people into heightened states of consciousness. He prides himself in selfless service and is honoured to assist you through his wealth of knowledge and open heart.

Mana’s mission is to inspire others to create as much beauty as possible at every moment, knowing that in the very next, it could be transformed into something completely different. Through years of focused self-investigation and a lifetime of embodied movement education, she has gained a well of wisdom and uses it to inspire others and help them re-connect with their own innate wisdom and full authentic expression. She is passionate about creating opportunities to come together in community, sisterhood & brotherhood, and engage from a place of embodied, heart-centered authenticity, being guided by the sensual experience and surpassing the limitations of the mind.

Mana & Lion are the founders of Rites of Passage Events. Their offerings include intentionally crafted classes, workshops, retreats, and events centred around authentic movement & dance, meaningful connections, a deeper understanding of your Self, and ultimate internal and external freedom.

They are creating unique, boundary-pushing, provocative, intellectually and kinesthetically stimulating experiences which leave a lasting impression and bring your reality more into alignment with your dream life.

Mana & Lion are also the creators of Open Relationship Tips, an online database for individuals and couples interested in deepening their connection to their personal truths and others. Their passion is the conscious evolution of relationships. They provide unbiased information about the pros and cons of non-monogamy as well as real-life tools for authentic relating that are applicable to all relationship styles, be it poly-, mono-, or platonic.

All session/s by Mana Mei & Lion Galban

BODY PLAY – Immersive Dance Experience

Saturday 02 Mar 2019
10.30am - 12.30pm
Theatre - Stream 1

Extatik Kontakt DJ Dance Party

Friday 01 Mar 2019
10.00pm - midnight
Theatre - Stream 1

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