Lion Galban

Presenters - USA

Lion Galban

Presenters - USA


Lion has been a movement coach and therapist for over 22yrs. He has dedicated his life to the expansion of consciousness and liberation from the “Matrix” by deepening his student’s relationship with their truest self. “Once you feel embodiment without the ego, as your primary experience of life, you uncover your unique essence”. He believes that, once you feel the somatic expression of emotion, you unlock your mastery of energy and vibration. With this deeper understanding of the quantum field you receive life’s hidden gifts.

His teachings and classes provide the container for the exploration of deeper connections, freedom, and power in authentic embodiment. His passion is using dance as a medium to explore Sex, Love, Sensuality, & Intimacy in healthy ways. Through increasing awareness of body language, etiquette, boundaries, and energetic expression we can begin to express all parts of the human experience and begin to celebrate and reclaim all parts of ourselves.

All session/s by Lion Galban

Body Play – Immersive Dance Experience

Saturday 02 Mar 2019
10.30am - 12.30pm
Theatre - Stream 1

Extatik Kontakt DJ Dance Party

Friday 01 Mar 2019
10.00pm - midnight
Theatre - Stream 1

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