Emanuel St Clare & Amber Hopkins

Presenters - AU

Emanuel St Clare & Amber Hopkins

Presenters - AU


Emanuel St Clare:
A Dragon of the Void, Emanuel St.Clare leads a life in deep exploration of Sorcery as realised through constant transformation and a vibrant engagement with life as Art.
His dreaming unites the polarities of Eastern and Western Spirituality, Light and Dark Magick and Masculine and Feminine Energy into a unique expression of powerful and sensual embodiment. With Love at its core, his offerings include Performative Ritual, Shibari and multimedia arts to create a distinct aesthetic and a devotional life .


Amber Hopkins:

I was always curious about things that were outside of the norm and always enjoyed some elements of kink being included in the bedroom.
Before tantra, I played in very different ways with less awareness. Now that I have been diving into work around sacred sexuality and tantra, I was able to start recognizing where my patterns were playing out.
I can now feel where my boundaries are and know how to express them. I have been able to develop the skills of clear and authentic communication and can assist my partner in developing this skill.
I began teaching boundaries and consent workshops to share the gifts from these lessons with others and have been blessed to see the changes people can receive from beginning to have strong and healthy boundaries.
Now more recently, I have begun holding conscious kink workshops and events and teaching how powerful and enjoyable it is to combine tantra with BDSM and other elements of kink.
This has become my purpose and something that brings me so much joy to share with other people.
I am looking forward to offering my knowledge and experiences to others that may have always been curious but didn’t know where to start and to those that have already started but want to find more depth or more people to connect with in this way.

All session/s by Emanuel St Clare & Amber Hopkins

Kinky Play

Tuesday 17 Mar 2020
5.00pm – 7.00pm
Marquee 'Pleasure'

Heart Based Dominance and Surrender

Sunday 15 Mar 2020
2.30pm – 4.30pm
Hall 'Joy'

Sensual Shibari

Wednesday 18 Mar 2020
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Marquee 'Pleasure'

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