Trauma, Trust & Sex

Friday 20 Apr 2018
5.00 – 7.00pm
Cavanbah Room - Stream 2

Trauma, Trust & Sex

Trauma affects intimacy and sex! Being fully present to ourselves and our partners, in our bodies, our senses, energies and emotions, can take sex to exquisite and deeply fulfilling heights. But when people are affected by trauma, this quality of presence can be elusive.

Traumatic experience often leads to a disconnect between mind, body, emotions and others. The memory of a traumatic experience is held in the body, so that when the body experiences a pattern similar to the original trauma – conscious or unconscious, present or ancestral, cultural or familial – it goes into an unconscious pattern which may include terror, disassociation, anger, shame or avoidance.

This workshop will explore the ways in which trauma leads to disconnection and distrust and show how safety, trust and connection can be created leading to healing, deeper intimacy and sex which is fulfilling, potent and deeply enjoyable.

Interactive and Experiential Parts

Introductions – presenters and participants – what brought them to this workshop?
Brief discussion of what trauma is and how it affects the brain and body
Brief discussion of healing approaches to trauma, including breathwork, bodywork, mindfulness & shamanic approaches. Then expanding to a brief discussion of the cultural aspects of trauma – (sometimes called “the Patriarchy”) and how it affects men & Women
Experiential group process (based on Arnold Mindell’s World Work) allowing suppressed voices to be heard – connecting with our own fears, shame, anger, distrust and longing for intimacy and perceptions of sex. Hearing ourselves, hearing others.
Wrap-up – coming back to ourselves. Owning our own shadow, finding hope.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Greater ability to be present in the body and comfortable with emotions for increased intimacy and sexual pleasure
  • Awareness of how the suppressed shadow elements – shame, guilt, anger, rage, fear, unconventional desires – show up and negatively affect our sexual connections
  • Understanding of how personal, family or cultural trauma can manifest in fear, shame, freeze, avoidance or anger in intimacy
    an overview of how trauma can be healed
  • understanding of how many of the pathological aspects of Western culture (sometimes referred to as the Patriarchy) have their roots in trauma, are the result of trauma and pass on trauma

Indicator Bars and Inclusivity




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